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  • Dec 03, 2016

    SEMA 2016: Building a Community | FULL SHOW | #268


    We’ve got even more content from our incredible week at SEMA! This episode we hear from Sung Kang about Project Underdog, Gene Winfield on his early drag racing days, and so many other industry leaders and automotive enthusiasts. Stick around! | Download Full Episode #268


    Segment 1: Tapout is Born | Download Segment 1
    The story of how Tapout (@TapouT) grew to be an extraordinarily successful brand is an intriguing one. During a particularly popular UFC fight, they were receiving 300 orders a minute! Listen as Skrape (@TAPOUTSKRAPE), the brand’s Co-Founder, recounts the tale.


    Segment 2: Engineering Explained | Download Segment 2
    The age of the internet has allowed information to travel faster than ever. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, those in the know can pass on their knowledge to viewers. Jason Fenske (@jasonfenske13) hosts Engineering Explained, a video series that teaches you how cars work. With an audience growing closer and closer to hitting the one million mark, Jason is making the automotive world more accessible to every demographic.


    Segment 3: The Most Accessorized Vehicle | Download Segment 3
    Jeep lovers, listen in! This segment we’re talking with John Larson from Bestop (@Bestop_Team) and Dennis Collins (@CollinsBrosJeep) from Fast N’ Loud (@FastNLoudTV). These guys love their Jeeps and are excited to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand!


    Segment 4: Creating a Community | Download Segment 4
    The Shell Pioneering Performance Pavilion does more than just tell Shell’s (@Shell) story; it creates an experience that engages event attendees and encourages a community of like-minded individuals all working towards a common goal. Don Moser is the man responsible for Shell’s partnership with SEMA (@SEMASHOW). He also brought Shell and UTI (@UTITweet) together, a relationship that UTI’s Terry Emig has seen benefit the auto industry already.


    Segment 5: Artistic Expression | Download Segment 5
    Vehicle wraps can make some pretty incredible automotive art pieces possible. Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) from Motorz (@motorz) turned a red jeep blue, and Jeff Allen created a story-telling ‘Penzilla’. The Motorz Jeep is just the latest of many projects featured on the Motorz show. Find more here!


    Segment 6: Hostile Wheels | Download Segment 6
    Whether you’re an off-road racer or just like going fast in your street vehicle, you need tires that will hold up to some abuse. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (@ariejr) races with Hostile wheels (@HostileWheels), and the company’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Bill Koenig, knows their product will keep Arie running for a long time.


    Segment 7: Coker Tire | Download Segment 7
    Tires can make or break the look of a car. When you’re restoring an oldie, do you use original, hard to find (and quite unsafe) tires? Or do you settle for modern parts? Coker Tire (@CokerTireCo) has blended new technology with vintage style wheels so that you don’t have to make any sacrifices! Check out the selection here.


    Segment 8: Project Underdog Design | Download Segment 8
    The U3 Project Underdog was a thrilling addition to SEMA (@SEMASHOW) this year. Let’s talk with the man responsible for the car’s design, Steve Strope from Pure Vision Design (@PureVisionSS). Given the guidelines “Maverick” and “white,” Steve created what he calls the “hardcore Japanese street racer” look. Based on the reaction at the unveiling, he pulled it off beautifully!


    Segment 9: Straight Out of a Movie | Download Segment 9
    American Graffiti is an iconic movie for many reasons. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to restore one of the famous cars! Ray Evernham (@RayEvernham), Host of AmeriCarna, experienced just that when he purchased the original 1958 Chevy Impala featured in the film. It’s been brought back to life, and you can see the finished product here.


    Segment 10: The Making of a Maverick | Download Segment 10
    How do you make a Maverick cool? It takes passion, creativity, and a true appreciation for what it means to be an underdog. Sung Kang (@sungkang) and Mike Spagnola, along with many others, helped bring this under appreciated vehicle a new name and a new life.


    Segment 11: Grudge Race | Download Segment 11
    Racers are notorious for their on-and-off track grudges, and many go unresolved. Enter Willie B. and his show “Grudge Race.” Now, racers can tell their story, call out their opponent, place bets and raise the stakes to settle once and for all who the real winner is. Watch the show on NBC Sports, Thursdays at 9.


    Segment 12: Winfield and his Work | Download Segment 12
    The legendary Gene Winfield graces our stage at SEMA, and even at 89 he is still doing great things! He is in the middle of a ’44 convertible build, will be entering the finished product in the Ridler competition, and still has time to host a metalworking workshop. Let’s hear about his early days in drag racing.


    Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Contributors: Jeff Allen

    Special Guests:
    Jason Fenske
    Dennis Collins
    Chris Smith
    John Larson
    Don Moser
    Terry Emig
    Chris Duke
    Arie Luyendyk Jr.
    Bill Koenig
    Corky Coker
    Steve Strope
    Ray Evernham
    Sung Kang
    Mike Spagnola
    Willie B.
    Steve Pullin
    Gene Winfield

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