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  • Jun 07, 2014

    Insurance & Appraisals | FULL SHOW | #73


    Guest professor, Dan “Boots” Longenette is back! We sit down with OSCA Champion Driver, Bill Lutz, to talk dream cars, turbos, and insurance. Changing gears, a car appraisal expert shares the best classic car investments.

    Segment 1: Intro to Racing
    At the age of 15 Bill Lutz was going 970 in a Corvette. Bill shares how his father was instrumental in developing his love for racing. Also, what’s it like to win King of Columbus?

    Segment 2: Insurance and Street Cars
    Bill Lutz is not only an OSCA driver, he’s also an insurance agent. Bill talks a bit about his day job. Shifting gears, we compare dream street cars.

    Segment 3: Turbo Charged
    Let’s talk turbos! From lag to engine heat, we discuss old wives tales and new technology with Bill Lutz.

    Segment 4: Appraisals
    What’s the first thing that an expert looks for when appraising a car? Tony Arena explains the top five items on his checklist, and what it means to have a time capsule car.

    Segment 5: Investing in Classics
    In ten years, what cars will skyrocket in value? Car appraisal expert, Tony Arena, predicts what cars will be solid investments.

    Segment 6: Barn Finds
    Dan Longenette talks about the allure of restoring a barn find to something great to look at and fun to drive. Then, find out why car appraisal expert has his eye out for a 40’s Chevy.


    Guest Host: Dan Longenette
    Producer: Jared Alexander
    Special Guests:
    Bill Lutz
    Tony Arena

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