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ERN Headlines of the Week: July 30, 2016 – Aug 5, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

Greasy Car Guys | #255

NASCAR news, tire troubles, and movie car magic? What are we not talking about in this episode of The Drive? Josh Hancock is up to his usual shenanigans, Karl Brauer finally heard from Ford regarding his GT, and Brian Moody has been buzzing around in a Corvette. It’s time to step into the driver’s seat – tune in now! |Download Full Episode #255

Segment 1: Rise and Fall Download Segment 1
The big news in NASCAR currently is Dale Jr.’s temporary hiatus and as a result the return of Jeff Gordon. We’ve invited Steve Cole Smith (@RACERmag) to the show to give us more details on the medical issues Jr. is facing.

Segment 2: Saying Goodbye? Download Segment 2
We continue our discussion on Dale Jr. with Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag). Should NASCAR prepare for Dale’s possible retirement? How badly does he really want or need to come back?

Segment 3: Business, Burgers, and Hot August Nights |Download Segment 3
Alan has recently launched a new video series called Business and Burgers. It’s exactly what it sounds like – business advice with some excellent burgers thrown in too! You can check out the first video at In addition, Hot August Nights is just around the corner. Find out what new events have been added to the mix this year.

Segment 4: For the Tire Buyer Download Segment 4
Tires are ridiculously expensive. Alan recently bought a set of new tires for his wife’s Fiat, and they were going to cost him $800! Enter Matt Edmonds, Vice President at Tire Rack (@tire_rack). Matt saved the day and helped Alan get the tires for under $500. Let’s hear how!

Segment 5: Street Survival School Download Segment 5
Driver’s Ed has fallen to the wayside, and Tire Rack(@tire_rack) wants to make sure teen drivers still get the information and instruction they need. Tire Rack’s Street Survival School is about more than driving; it’s about living. Find more information here.

Segment 6: One Lap of America Download Segment 6
Do you have a bit of racing experience and want to explore America? One Lap of America brings together an amazing group of vehicles that race a unique course across the U.S. for one week.

More information on this event can be found here.

Segment 7: Movie Car Man Download Segment 7
Hollywood movie car guru Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR) has been working on the new Wolverine movie. He can’t tell us much about it, but he does promise that it will be awesome!

Segment 8: The Lady’s Ride Download Segment 8
Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR) would like to know who Lady Gaga’s car adviser is, as she was recently spotted in a Ford F-150 Lightning. The star only recently got her license, leading Alan to mull over the reasons one might not want to drive until much later in life.

Segment 9: Corvette Grand Sport Download Segment 9
Brian Moody, Site Editor for Auto Trader (@AutoTrader_com), recently drove the new Corvette Grand Sport. This car is tailor made for the ultimate Corvette guy, and it has the price tag to match.

Segment 10: Transmission Overload Download Segment 10
Are car manufacturers getting out of control with their 8, 9, and 10 speed transmissions? And who in “the press” can we trust to deliver reliable car reviews? Alan, Josh Hancock (@JOSHCAR), and Brian Moody (@AutoTrader_com) share their thoughts.

Segment 11: Fueling Up Download Segment 11
Not all gasoline is created equal. The guys discuss various studies that show which gas may make your car less efficient over time, and which will bring out the best in your vehicle.

Segment 12: Kia and Quality Download Segment 12
Quality, comfort, and excellent features – Kia (@Kia) has been able to check off each box with confidence. Brian Moody fromAuto Trader (@AutoTrader_com) drove a Kia Sedona for a year without a single issue, as did BJ Killeen (@CarBuzzard). These vehicles prove that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a reliable automobile.

Segment 13: The Acceptance Letter Download Segment 13
Are you ready for some huge, incredible, wonderful news?! Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) gets to buy the new Ford GT! In case you didn’t know, only 500 of these bad boys will be made, and there were over 6,500 applicants from around the world. But at a price of half a million bucks, Alan wants to know how Karl is planning to pay for it.

Segment 14: Organ Market Download Segment 14
There are so many decisions Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) has to make now that he’s one of 500 others who get to purchase the new Ford GT. For instance, which organ will he be selling to cover the cost? And what color will he choose? The guys mull over these pressing questions.

Segment 15: Three, Two, One Download Segment 15
Alan throws down a challenge to Karl (@KelleyBlueBook)- Viper versus GT! Who will come out on top?

Segment 16: Garage Squad Download Segment 16
Do you have a project car that’s been sitting in your garage since dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Maybe you should check out Garage Squad (@GarageSquadTV), the show where a team of mechanics and car experts travel to people’s homes and help them fix up their dream car – in less than a week!

Segment 17: Hot August Nights Download Segment 17
Hot August Nights is in full swing, and Alan is the Grand Marshal! Can we convince Heather Storm from Garage Squad(@GarageSquadTV) to come out and join us?

Segment 18: Liquid Steel Download Segment 18
Are you in need of a protective coating for your truck, trailer, or even a boat? Look no further than Line-X (@LINEXProtects), a spray on polyurethane/polyurea blend that can withstand incredible amounts of abuse and goes from a liquid to a solid in around 5 seconds. Terry Pe, Vice President of Product Development, has more info.


Inc. Radio

From the Mouths of Experts | #85

We’re back with more fantastic interviews from Secret Knock. Authors, founders, and independent consultants abound! Plus, we chat with Greg Reid about connecting with the right people and inspiring change in our world. | Download Full Episode #85

Segment 1: The Ripple Effect Download Segment 1
One simple choice can change the course of your life. This is whatDoug Grady (@douggrady) teaches in his book “The Ripple Effect.” But what about the choices we make when no one is looking? If we choose not to decide, is that still a choice? Find out what Doug thinks in this segment.

Segment 2: Getting Over the Hump Download Segment 2
When a company’s profit and productivity seem to remain stagnant, who can help them continue growing? Gene McNaughton (@GrowthSmart) is a Business Growth Expert who puts sales and marketing teams on the right track. Gene encourages companies to be proactive and committed in order to achieve greatness.

Segment 3: Building Your Business Download Segment 3
Is there a soul on earth who hasn’t heard of UGG boots? Alan had the opportunity to interview the Founder, Brian Smith (@briansmithugg). Brian’s recent book, “The Birth of a Brand,” helps entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes that he made while growing UGG. After all, your business is your baby! Shouldn’t you know how to raise it properly?

Segment 4: Invitation Only Business Download Segment 4
How can you do business without a website or a business card? Mark Anthony Bates has made it work, and with great success. Taking clients only based on referrals and only after a strict vetting process, Mark is an independent consultant who just might change your life. Provided you pass the exam, of course.

Segment 5: Knock Knock, Who’s There? Download Segment 5
We’re happy to welcome back Greg Reid (@GregReid), the man behind Secret Knock. After talking with some of the most inspirational people in the world, it’s time to hear from the man who was able to bring them all together!

Segment 6: Positive Change Download Segment 6
Greg Reid shares with us his experience at the Novus Summit, a conference that brought together people with the shared goal of transforming the world.


Working Mother Radio

Giving Back | #139

Sometimes we focus so much on taking care of our own families, we forget there are others out there who may need our help. Our guests are committed to making the world better by helping out their communities through organizations like Fit Kids and No Kid Hungry. Learn more about these programs and how you can get involved in this episode. | Download Full Episode #139

Segment 1: Fit Kids Download Segment 1
Budget cuts have had a negative impact on physical education in our school systems. Thousands of children are not able to play sports or be physically active, and Ashley Hunter-Riley found that unacceptable. That’s why she started a non-profit called Fit Kids (@FitKidsCA). Listen in to hear more.

Segment 2: Reaching Out Download Segment 2
How does Fit Kids (@FitKidsCA) choose which schools and communities to partner with? And what are all of the benefits Ashley Hunter-Riley has seen sprout up from this program? Find out in this segment.

Segment 3: Community Leader and Mother Download Segment 3
It takes a lot of work to run a non-profit. How does Ashley Hunter-Riley @FitKidsCA) juggle the responsibilities of helping out her community while raising four kids of her own?

Segment 4: Hunger in America Download Segment 4
Why are working families still hungry in America? That is the title of an article currently (@_workingmother_), and it’s a subject that Executive Editor Barbara Turvett (@barbaraturvett) is passionate about. 1 child out of 5 doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. Find out what you can do to help.

Segment 5: A Growing Issue Download Segment 5
16 million children in the U.S. are food insecure. These aren’t homeless children, though; these are the kids of working families and single parents. Counter intuitively, the problems of child hunger and obesity go hand in hand. Learn how in this segment.

Segment 6: The Next Generation Download Segment 6
If you want to teach your children to show compassion and empathy, get them involved. Child hunger is an issue they can understand, and if you can inspire them from a young age, we might just be able to solve this problem in a single generation.

If you would like to read the article Barbara is referring to, click here.

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