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ERN Headlines of the Week: July 2, 2016 – July 8, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

World of Outlaws | #251

We start the show at the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series at Rockford Speedway! Next, we give a salute to Independence Day by holding a Craftsman giveaway and exploring the 50 most patriotic brands. We also chat with a couple representatives from two fantastic car companies; Kia and Volvo. | Download Full Episode #251

Segment 1: Voice of the Outlaws Download Segment 1
Here at the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series (@WorldofOutlaws), we’ve managed to track down the Voice of the Outlaws himself, John Gibson (@Gibvoice). John is more than happy to give us the rundown of the race, from top speeds to horsepower capabilities. This is racing at its best!

Segment 2: Greatest Show on Dirt Download Segment 2
What does it cost to race in World of Outlaws (@WorldofOutlaws) for a year? How many racetracks are there around the country? Who is eligible to drive? John Gibson (@Gibvoice) is ready for all of our questions.

For live coverage of the races, visit

Segment 3: Family Sport Download Segment 3
We’ve headed down into the pits to speak with the President and CEO of World of Outlaws (@WorldofOutlaws), Brian Carter. Sprint racing is really a family sport, and Brian is excited to be able to share enthusiasm with fans of all ages.

Segment 4: Sweet Home California Download Segment 4
How does a sprint car racer get started? For Brad Sweet (@BradSweet49), as with most, it began with go karts and grew from there. Brad tells us about life on the road, racing for Kasey Kahne, and making a living doing what he loves.

Segment 5: Craftsman Giveaway Download Segment 5
In honor of Independence day, we’re holding a giveaway! What’s the prize, you ask? A Craftsman 18oz Flex Claw Hammer! To choose a winner, we’re asking a trivia question: What year did the 4th of July become a legal federal holiday?

Segment 6: When It Matters Download Segment 6
There’s a business side to everything, especially motorsports. Dean Schwartz and Phil Reiter join us to give some insight into the marketing aspect of World of Outlaws (@WorldofOutlaws).

Segment 7: Independence Day Download Segment 7
Did you guess the solution to the trivia question we asked in the last hour? The answer will be revealed in this segment! We also catch up with BJ Killeen from CarBuzzard (@CarBuzzard).

Segment 8: Kia is Killing It (in a good way) Download Segment 8
What are the top 50 most patriotic brands, and how did they even get that title? And speaking of rankings, Kia recently placed #1 in the Initial Quality Study done by J.D. Power and Associates, a fact that does not surprise BJ (@CarBuzzard) one bit.

Segment 9: Volvo Safety Download Segment 9
Safety should be the number one concern on every driver’s mind. Of course, humans can only do so much. Jim Nichols, Product and Technology Communications Manager for Volvo (@volvocarsus) joins us to talk about semiautonomous cars and their impact on safety ratings.

Segment 10: Semiautonomous Accident Avoidance |Download Segment 10
Think of how much safer the roads would be if every car had the technology to avoid accidents. This is the vision of Volvo(@volvocarsus), a company that not only tries to minimize the damage in car accidents, but to stop them from happening in the first place. For more on the prominence of safety in Volvovehicles, we chat with Jim Nichols.

Segment 11: SUVs and Sedans Download Segment 11
We bring Karl Brauer (@karlbrauer) fromKBB (@KelleyBlueBook) onto the show to get his opinion on SUVs versus sedans, and what car companies need to do to ensure their sedans appeal to consumers.

Segment 12: 24 Hours of Ford Being Awesome Download Segment 12
Warning: this segment contains a little bragging and a lot of excitement! Karl Brauer (@karlbrauer) shares his experience at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, an auto endurance challenge that pits the best of the best against one another.

Segment 13: Homemade Havoc Download Segment 13
Times sure have changed since Alan Taylor and Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) were young. Each tells a story of their adventures with firecrackers and the explosive (*wink wink*) fun they used to have. Pro tip – don’t follow their example.

Segment 14: That’s a Wrap Download Segment 14
Have you ever wrapped a car? Do you even know what that is? Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) will be delving into this topic, so tune in if you’d like to know more.

Segment 15: TMI, Alan Download Segment 15
Ever wonder what our hosts wear while recording the show? We hope not – but they’re about to tell you anyway. Plus, Alan rants about his abhorrence for CVTs.

Segment 16: Initial Quality Download Segment 16
It’s another giveaway segment! This time we have more than one fantastic Craftsman product to award our winner. Not only will they get the 18oz Flex Claw hammer, they will also receive anExtreme Grip Breaker Wrench, and Smart Sight Level! All they have to do is get the trivia question correct: What car company was recently named #1 for Initial Quality in the automotive industry?

Segment 17: And You Do What, Exactly? Download Segment 17
If you got the trivia question in our last segment right, then you’ll know where our next guest is from! James Bell, Director of Corporate Communications for Kia (@Kia), gives us a sneak peek at upcoming vehicles, as well as a rundown on exactly what the Director of Communications does.

Segment 18: Freedom and Fireworks Download Segment 18
We close the show by saying Happy Independence Day, thank you for listening, and have a safe weekend!


Street Rod & Custom Radio

Quality Wax and Jet-Powered Locomotives | #152

Have you ever seen a train with a jet engine strapped to it? Yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. KC Jones is the owner of two such machines, and he can’t wait to tell us more. We also get premium wax advice from the Vice President of Jax Wax, Jared Minor. | Download Full Episode #152

Segment 1: Car Show Season Download Segment 1
Summer is car show season, and that makes Dan and Ryan happy. We’ve talked with the people who organize some amazing car shows in past episodes, but this week we’re switching gears and talking quality waxing and drag races.

Segment 2: Jet-Powered Locomotives Download Segment 2
What do you get when you strap a jet engine to a car-sized train? Magic, that’s what. KC Jones is the owner of the Cannonball Express and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, each powered by a Westinghouse J34-48 engine. Listen in to hear more about these wild creations!

Segment 3: Young Love Download Segment 3
We know KC Jones loves speed (remember the jet-powered trains?), but when did that love affair start? KC Jones gives us a brief glimpse into his past.

For more information on KC Jones and his locomotives, clickhere

Segment 4: Jax Wax Download Segment 4
Looking for a quality wax manufactured in house by a reputable, family owned business? Then you need Jax Wax (@JaxWaxCarCare)! And according to Dan, it’s so simple to use that a chicken could do it (though we want to know why a chicken would be waxing a car)!

Segment 5: Old Time Car Care Download Segment 5
Jared Minor from Jax Wax (@JaxWaxCarCare) gives us a crash course on how to use some of their products, reminding Dan of the process his father used to wax cars. This leads to the gang laughing about old time car care methods and quick “fixes.”

Segment 6: Wax on, Wax off Download Segment 6
Most people (including Dan) feel more comfortable applying layer after layer of wax, but Jared (@JaxWaxCarCare) says that is not always what’s best. According to him, a couple of thin coats is better than one thick one. Take a listen for more advice!


Inc. Radio

Remarkability | #79

Building your company can be a tricky business. Why not have all the information you possibly can before you get started? Our first guest’s message is all about finding something remarkable and investing in it, while our second guest reminds us to take a moment to pause and reflect inward. If you want to know how to do either, you’ve come to the right place! | Download Full Episode #79

Segment 1: Fewer Clients, More Attention Download Segment 1
How do you know if your brand has potential? We’ve brought in Leonard Armato (@LeonardArmato), CEO of Management Plus Enterprises. His job, really, is to identify those who are remarkable and make their brand grow exponentially.

Segment 2: Lifestyle Sport Download Segment 2
How did Leonard Armato (@LeonardArmato) take beach volleyball to the next level and turn it into a marketing opportunity? Find out more about the World Series of Beach Volleyball, cutting through the clutter, and creating a brand of enormous scale in this segment.

For more information on the World Series of Beach Volleyball event, click here.

Segment 3: What Do You Do Best? Download Segment 3
Pick up a pencil and get ready to take some notes. Leonard Armato (@LeonardArmato) recaps everything he has taught us in the past two segments, from identifying marketing potential to analyzing high growth opportunities.

Segment 4: Quiet Time Download Segment 4
People underestimate the power of silence. Michael Linenberger (@mikelinenberger), author of “Simple Awakening,” is on a mission to remind people of the inner guidance we all have access to. Listen to his story to find out more.

Segment 5: In a Moment’s Time Download Segment 5
How did Michael Linenberger (@mikelinenberger), author of “Simple Awakening: The Power of Inner Silence,” realize how much clarity you can gain from a simple moment of inner reflection? It all began about 4 years ago…and if you want to know more, you’ll have to tune in!

Segment 6: Spinning the Wheels Download Segment 6
Do you ever have those moments of internal panic? Do you find yourself slaving over a project, only to realize too late that it’s fruitless? Take Michael Linenberger’s (@mikelinenberger) advice and practice being quiet for 10-20 minutes. You might just find your state of mind improved.


Working Mother Radio

Dads and Empathy | #135


Nobody gives a mother a gold star when she is a good parent. So why do we treat fathers that way? We’ll be looking at the different standards dads face, as well as the surprising lack of empathy today’s teens and children seem to have. | Download Full Episode #135

Segment 1: You Must Be Babysitting Download Segment 1
Dads don’t get a lot of credit, and when they do it’s usually for the wrong reason. Vivian Manning-Schaffel (@soapboxdirty) has written an article called “10 Things Never to Say to a Working Dad,” which highlights the misconceptions about fathers still present in our society today.

Segment 2: Misconceptions Download Segment 2
It still seems to surprise some people when fathers can function as a parents. Why does this continue to happen in our day and age? Vivian Manning-Schaffel (@soapboxdirty) and Bettina chat about why this might be.

Segment 3: Can’t Your Partner Pick Them Up? Download Segment 3
It’s difficult for parents to balance work, family, and friends, and it seems like fathers are held to different standards. One misconception Vivian (@soapboxdirty) focuses on is the idea that it is more acceptable for men to neglect their family in favor of friends and fun.

Segment 4: Unselfie Download Segment 4
A study of incoming college freshmen over the last 30 years has shown that there has been a 40% dip in empathy, and a 50% rise in narcissism. That is why Michele Borba (@micheleborba) wrote “Unselfie,” a guide to raising children who are more empathetic.

Segment 5: Creating Kindness Download Segment 5
How do you raise kind children? Michele Borba (@micheleborba) shares stories she has gathered from children who learned at a young age how to be genuinely good human beings.

Segment 6: Empathy Gap Download Segment 6
In a world filled with doom and gloom, where news focuses more on the bad than the good, how do you keep your kids inspired and optimistic? Listen in to find what habits you can pick up to ensure your kids don’t develop an ‘empathy gap.’

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