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ERN Headlines of the Week: Aug 13, 2016 – Aug 19, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

Staying Safe | #257

There’s a whole slew of new developments in the lives of all of our friends, such as Karl Brauer’s new website and Michael Austin’s virtual reality app from Autoblog. We also have NASCAR news from Steven Cole Smith and shop safety from Chris Duke. | Download Full Episode #257

Segment 1: The Olympics Download Segment 1
With the Olympics dominating the news, how could we not talk about it? Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag) switches from motorsports to athletic reporting momentarily to discuss the continuing success of Michael Phelps.

Segment 2: Banning Burnouts Download Segment 2
There isn’t a whole lot going on this weekend in the racing world, but there has been some debate in NASCAR over victory lap burnouts. The pressing question is how drivers can celebrate a win without completely destroying their car?

Segment 3: Update on Dale Jr. | Download Segment 3
We receive the latest update on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s progress from Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag). There’s still no word on whether or not he will be returning to NASCAR, but Alan and Steven agree that it will be understandable should he choose to stop racing. We also take a moment to honor the late Bryan Clauson, a young dirt track racer who was killed in a crash earlier this month.

Segment 4: Inde Motorsports Ranch Download Segment 4
Looking for a destination getaway catered towards motorsports enthusiasts? Try out Inde Motorsports Ranch (@IndeMotorsports), a private resort with a 2.75 mile road course, over 40 different track configurations, and (coming soon) residential lots! We chat with Kai Goddard, Vice President of Business Development and lead professional driver, about all of the various luxuries Inde has to offer.

Segment 5: The Course Download Segment 5
We ask Kai Goddard, Lead Professional Driver at Inde Motorsports Ranch (@IndeMotorsports), about the most important part of any motorsports resort; the track. Learn more about the design, track conditions, and races in this segment.

Segment 6: Membership at Inde Download Segment 6
Kai Goddard shares the details of membership perks at the Inde Motorsports Ranch (@IndeMotorsports) outside of Tucson, Arizona. We also learn about non-member access and membership caps.

Segment 7: Autoblog VR Download Segment 7
Virtual reality is making its way into every industry, including automotive. Michael Austin (@reymiguel), Editor-in-Chief ofAutoblog (@therealautoblog), is here to tell us about a brand newapp they’ve just launched that allows you to test drive cars – without getting off the couch.

Segment 8: Seamless Video Download Segment 8
Autoblog VR has really made an impression on Alan. But how does it work? Michael Austin (@reymiguel) fromAutoblog (@therealautoblog) explains how the app and its content were put together.

Segment 9: Water Cooler News Download Segment 9
Some gossip has been stirring ever since Fast and Furious 8 finished filming. Michael Austin (@reymiguel) gives us the scoop on what supposedly happened to make The Rock so mad. And speaking of rumors, what’s going on with Honda and their “ZSX” trademark?

Segment 10: Jaguar F-Pace Download Segment 10
Karl Brauer (@karlbrauer) from Kelley Blue Book(@KelleyBlueBook) has been driving Jaguar’s first ever SUV – the 2017 F-Pace. Does it make the cut? Find out in this segment.

Segment 11: Download Segment 11
Karl Brauer (@karlbrauer) is a Ford GT man. He’s had one for 11 years, has amassed a huge amount of information, photos, and stories to go along with it, and now he’s launching a website to bring that information to the public!

Take a look at this website at

Segment 12: Mercedes Benz C300 Download Segment 12
We’ve heard about what Karl (@karlbrauer) is driving. What about Alan? The 2017 Mercedes Benz C300 coupe is packed with technology, gets around 25 mpg, and is just plain fun to drive.

Segment 13: Giving Flesh to the Car Gods Download Segment 13
It’s been far too long since we talked about Motorz (@motorz) with Chris Duke (@chrisduketv). Alan wants to know what the hardest job he’s ever done on the show was, and what kind of bodily injuries were sustained. Missing toes, mashed fingers, cuts and scrapes galore – all in the name of the hobby.

Segment 14: Blood, Sweat, and more Blood Download Segment 14
Alan thankfully has all of his limbs, but there have been some close calls. In this segment we hear about the time a Toyota Land Cruiser nearly severed his leg, but was stopped just in time…by his head.

Segment 15: Car Safety with Chris Download Segment 15
Our last two segments have revolved around grisly accidents that can happen at any time when you’re working on cars. How about we discuss avoiding those accidents? Chris (@chrisduketv) is a stickler for safety, which makes him the perfect person to educate us.

Segment 16: Best Cars for Teens Download Segment 16
Looking for a vehicle for your teen? Jamie Page Deaton, Managing Editor for U.S. News & World Report (@usnews), presents a list of the best cars for teenagers, starting under $20,000 and going up to $30,000. Can you guess what took first place?

Segment 17: Autolympics Download Segment 17
Jamie Page Deaton @usnews) has told us all about the best cars for teens; now we’re going to hear about the “autolympics!” The autolympics is a ranking of car companies, their corresponding countries, and the features each country “scores” highest in. The categories range from safety, to reliability, and even interior design!

Segment 18: 2016 Ford Edge Sport Download Segment 18
We close with a look at what Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) has been driving. The 2016 Ford Edge Sport took him from home, to Reno, and back again in style and comfort. His only complaint? The lane departure warning.


Inc. Radio

Crisis Management | #87

It’s time for some crisis management! No matter how smoothly your company runs, you will at some point have a crisis. When that happens, don’t you want the right tools and strategies to help you navigate the situation? We’ll help point you in the right direction alongside our guests, Dr. Randall Bell and Ben Peterson. | Download Full Episode #87

Segment 1: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Truth Download Segment 1
They happen all the time in business. You can try your best to avoid them, but inevitably they will strike. You need to know how to prepare yourself for that moment. We call them…disasters. Dr. Randall Bell (@RandallBellPhD) (also known as Dr. Disaster), CEO of Landmark Research Group, is here with strategies to help you recover.

Segment 2: The Four Cornerstones Download Segment 2
What are rich habits, and how can we develop them? Dr. Randall Bell (@RandallBellPhD) wrote a book, “Rich Habits, Rich Life.” In it, he addresses the four cornerstones of rich habits: me, we, do, and be. Listen for more on each.

Segment 3: Dive, Survive, Thrive Download Segment 3
You have three options when a disaster hits according to Dr. Randall Bell (@RandallBellPhD); you can dive, survive, or thrive. Which one will you pick?

Check out Dr. Randall Bell’s Ted Talk here.

Segment 4: Human Resources Download Segment 4
Your employees are often the most important part of your company, but they can also be the most difficult. Ben Peterson (@hwhl), CEO and Co-Founder of BambooHR (@bamboohr), knows just how vital it is to maintain a healthy and happy environment in the office, both for the sake of the business, and the people in it.

Segment 5: Reasons for Leaving Download Segment 5
Do you know the three main reasons people leave their jobs? Ben Peterson’s (@hwhl) company did a study on just that, and discovered that the number one reason employees leave is lack of advancement. Listen in for more on the study.

Segment 6: BambooHR Download Segment 6
BambooHR (@bamboohr) was created with the hopes that it would become a model work environment for the quality of life that other companies should strive for. Ben Peterson (@hwhl) wanted to set up a place where people can work meaningfully and have a family life to boot. Find out how he did it in this segment.


Working Mother Radio

Best Practices | #141

If you’re looking for more insight on yourself, your child, and your interactions with each other, you may want to listen in for some information on “dharma parenting.” Next, we chat with the editorial director of Working Mother about the 50 best law firms for women. | Download Full Episode # 141

Segment 1: Dharma Parenting | Download Segment 1
It’s always helpful to keep an open mind about different ways to parent your kids. Robert Keith Wallace’s book, “Dharma Parenting,” looks into the benefits of an alternative option for raising your children that involves “brain/body” types.

Segment 2: The Science Behind It | Download Segment 2
Ancient methods are all well and good in theory, but can they be backed up with science? Dharma parenting can! Robert Keith Wallace explores the research that has been done to show how beneficial this parenting style can be.

Take the quiz to find out your brain/body type here.

Segment 3: Meditation Download Segment 3
As a mother, taking care of yourself is just as much a part of the job description as talking care of your kids. Did you know that one study showed a 48% reduction in heart attacks and strokes in people who practice meditation? It might be time to pick up a new hobby.

Segment 4: 50 Best Law Firms for Women Download Segment 4
What major shifts in the world of law firms have occurred in the past years? Working Mother’s (@_workingmother_)Editorial Director, Jennifer Owens, explains the findings of this year’s 50 Best Law Firms for Women study.

Segment 5: Mentoring Download Segment 5
How has sponsorship and mentoring in law firms changed since 2013? About half of all law offices were employing this practice back then. Can you guess how much it has grown since then?

Segment 6: Soon to Come Download Segment 6
Can we get a sneak peek into upcoming issues of Working Mother Magazine (@_workingmother_)? Jennifer Owens is gracious enough to let us know what’s appearing in future editions!

Check out the article that features the 50 Best Law Firms here.


Popular Science Radio

TED Talks and The Flu | #325

TED Talks is finally making its debut on American television, and Juliet Blake gives us a heads up on what to expect. Also, get some rest, help raise awareness for bleeding disorders, and stay safe this flu season with expert advice. | Download Full Episode #325

Segment 1: TED Talks on TV Download Segment 1
TED Talks (@TEDTalks) have been viewed 4.5 billion times in total, and are viewed over a million times a day! TED Talks (@TEDTalks) Producer, Juliet Blake, gives us the details of their new show on PBS; finally TED is on TV in America!

Segment 2: Genetics and Paelobiology Download Segment 2
Don’t miss the TED Talks (@TEDTalks) American television debut, Wednesday March 30th at 10pm eastern! Juliet Blake gives us a preview of the hour long event, from a life code and genetics talk with Juan Enriquez, to a marvelous paleobiology story from Latif Nasser.

Segment 3: Fixing Sleepless Nights Download Segment 3
Did daylight savings time mess up your internal clock? Are you having trouble getting to sleep on time? Ascensions Borgess Sleep Disorder Center (@BorgessHealth) Sleep Specialist, Dr. Alice Doe, gives us great tips for getting our brains to settle down and get back on that normal sleep schedule.

Segment 4: Bleeding Disorder Awareness Download Segment 4
Over 3 million Americans suffer with bleeding disorders, and to help raise awareness March has been declared ‘Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month’. National Hemophilia Foundation (@NHF_Hemophilia) CEO, Val Bias, fills us in on the Red Tie Challenge and many different treatments available for bleeding disorders.

Segment 5: Flu Attack Download Segment 5
Is the Flu really a big deal? Well, the Flu causes up to 30,000 additional deaths each year! National Foundation for Infectious Diseases’ (@NFIDvaccines) Dr. Bill Schaffner and Etiquette Expert Lizzy Post encourage us to be careful and take preventative measures this Flu season and explain the very real danger of this annual virus.

Segment 6: The Flu is Late! Download Segment 6
Teaching our children about the Flu is very important, and Lizzie Post offers up a great resource at Also, why is the Flu season so late this year? Dr. Bill Schaffner (@NFIDvaccines) sounds off.

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