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ERN Headlines of the Week: July 23, 2016 – July 29, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

Prepping for Hot August Nights | #254

It’s pretty darn hot, and it’s almost August; do you know what that means? Time for Hot August Nights! Alan brings in a few guests to talk about what we can expect this year. We’ll also hear about the success of Mazda Miatas from BJ Killeen, the luxurious Cadillac XT5 driven by Alan, and a drool worthy Aston Martin that Karl Brauer cruised from London to Tuscany in. All of this, and of course much more, on this episode of The Drive. | Download Full Episode #254

Segment 1: Election Year Download Segment 1
Election year is a rocky time for many reasons. BJ Killeen (@CarBuzzard) and Alan Taylor discuss the possible implications for the auto industry depending on the outcome of this year’s presidential race.

Segment 2: 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 Download Segment 2
For the first time in nearly 20 years, BJ (@CarBuzzard) had the opportunity to test drive a Mazda Miata! The Miata has always been popular, and it’s easy to see why! BJ does have some reserves about the price, though – $33,000 for the Club model!

Segment 3: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Navigation |Download Segment 3
We look over more of the Miata specs, including the differences between the club model and the base model. Alan also mulls over whether or not there’s still a need for navigation systems in cars since most people use their smart phone instead.

Segment 4: Sporty or Luxurious? Download Segment 4
Alan and BJ (@CarBuzzard) ponder the practicality of the Miataafter a certain age, and examine which demographic the vehicle is aimed at. And speaking of practicality, Alan recently drove a2017 Cadillac XT5. Not only is it spacious and comfortable, it also gets excellent mileage! Where does your car rank on the fun to drive versus practical scale?

Segment 5: Rental Nightmare Download Segment 5
We’ve all rented a car at some point in our lives. It can be a big pain, but Alan thinks it’s a good way to find out how much you like a car. BJ (@CarBuzzard) disagrees; we might just have the makings of a debate in this segment!

Segment 6: Protect and Serve Download Segment 6
Violence against police officers has reached a shocking level as of late. Alan would like to address the issue and encourage everyone to remember that they’re doing their job, and they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

Segment 7: Pebble Beach Download Segment 7
Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) joins the group to give us a run down on what’s going on in his world. Pebble Beach is rapidly approaching, and Alan laments over how impossible it has become to be a part of the experience.

Segment 8: Future of Tesla Download Segment 8
The great and powerful Elon Musk has made another announcement on the future Tesla. Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) has become disenchanted with all of the “master plans” that never see fruition, and gives us his thoughts on what the company needs to focus on.

Segment 9: Seller Beware Download Segment 9
Selling a car is almost always a hassle. Alan and Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) share a few tips to help you have a better chance of not only selling your vehicle, but getting a fair price for it as well.

Segment 10: DB10 or DB11? Download Segment 10
Karl Brauer (@KelleyBlueBook) recently drove Alan’s dream car, and it couldn’t have been more amazing. The price tag is a bit high ($211,000), but that hasn’t stopped Alan from drooling over it. Take a listen to find out what it is!

Segment 11: Concorso Italiano Download Segment 11
Concorso Italiano (@ConcorsoItalian) is a premier event celebrating Italian automobiles. This year’s event will pay tribute to 1966 by featuring some of the 50-year-old beauties from the era. Tom McDowell, the President of Concorso Italiano, is here to tell us more.

Segment 12: Dawn Patrol Download Segment 12
Tom McDowell, President of Concorso Italiano(@ConcorsoItalian), shares the best times to show up to the event. If you really want to be part of the action, make sure you’re there for the “dawn patrol;” listen in if you’re intrigued!

Segment 13: Pop Quiz Download Segment 13
Here’s a little pop quiz for you: Who was the first female automotive pioneer to be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame? Tune in to find out!

Segment 14: News from Chris Download Segment 14
Chris has a fantastic announcement – he finally quit his day job! Now, with more time to focus on Motorz (@motorz), we can expect more episodes and even more amazing aftermarket builds.

Segment 15: Motorsport Auction Group Download Segment 15
Hot August Nights (@HotAugustNights) wouldn’t be the same without an auction, which is why Mike Oberle is bringing out Motorsport Auction Group  (@MAGAuction) to join the party. Of course, Mike is quickly learning that putting together an auction is a lot more work than one might think.

Segment 16: MAG Emerges Download Segment 16
Mike Oberle (@MAGAuction) gives us more information about his auction and reveals the difference between a reserves versus no reserve auction.

Segment 17: Grand Marshall Alan Download Segment 17
Speaking of Hot August Nights (@HotAugustNights), we’ve brought in the executive director to get us properly pumped up for the event! Mike Whan is more than happy to oblige, giving us the details of what’s to come on this, the 30th anniversary.

Segment 18: Is the Cup Half Full? Download Segment 18
Mike Whan (@HotAugustNights) gives us a preview of a few new events and reveals the exact amount of the Hot August Nights Cup; it’s over $100,000! 

For more information on Hot August Nights, click here


Street Rod & Custom Radio

Speeding Towards a New Tomorrow | #154

The motorsport world may be in jeopardy, and Dan wants to know why. To take a look at current trends and perhaps predict future ones, we’ve brought in Brad Scott and Jeff Nuckles. Brad is the COO of the New Jersey Motorsports Park, and Jeff owns the Columbus Motor Speedway. Hopefully, these men can help shed some light. | Download Full Episode #154

Segment 1: It’s a Speedway Kind of Day Download Segment 1
Dan is in great spirits for today’s show! Not only do we have a couple of amazing guests, but Dan is also back from some epic car shows. Gear up for a great episode!

Segment 2: Bringing the Thunder Download Segment 2
Brad Scott, COO of the New Jersey Motorsports Park (@NJMP) in Millville, New Jersey, is here to tell us about the 500 acre facility and its three unique courses. We also hear about a new project in the works: an exotic car garage.

Segment 3: Coming Soon Download Segment 3
Are there any new projects Brad Scott hopes to have done soon at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (@NJMP)? With up to 600,000 guests visiting yearly, it’s no surprise they plan to expand. What might the future have in store?

Segment 4: The End of a Legacy Download Segment 4
On October 19, 1946, the very first race at the Columbus Motor Speedway (@COLUMBUSPEEDWAY) took place. Now, 71 years later, the track will be closing. Its owner, Jeff Nuckles, tells us the origin story of the family owned and run speedway.

Segment 5: Looking Ahead Download Segment 5
With yet another racetrack shutting down, what might be in store for motorsports? Dan and Jeff discuss the shifting trends and differing opinions surrounding the automotive world.

Segment 6: Living in a Material World Download Segment 6
Dan expresses his concern for the motorsports industry in the face of environmental concerns and noise pollution complaints. Are the ambitions of electric car companies too outlandish for current technology and needs?


Inc. Radio

Secret Knock | #84

Ready for a sneak peek into a gathering dubbed by Forbes as a “Must Attend” event for entrepreneurs? Greg Reid presents Secret Knock; an invitation only meeting of the best business minds the world over. Join us as we chat with a few key speakers from the event, including the founder of Fitpreneurs, a Guinness World Record Holder, and a media celebrity! | Download Full Episode #84

Segment 1: Knock Knock Download Segment 1
Alan is in San Diego for a very special (and very exclusive) event –Secret Knock (@Secret_Knock). Here, we will be talking to some of the most interesting and influential business men and women in the world.

Segment 2: Fitpreneurs Download Segment 2
Simon Lovell (@boylovell), Founder of Fitpreneurs, lives by the idea that the more you work on yourself, the more your income and business will grow. Back in 2005, Simon was a personal trainer across the pond that had an addiction to gambling and drugs. When he hit rock bottom, he finally realized that he needed to improve himself to improve his life, and now he helps others do the same.

Segment 3: The Chances We Take Download Segment 3
Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen. Next up is Michael Savage! No, not the Michael Savage from the radio. This is the real Michael Savage (@CoachMJSavage), Wealth Mastery Facilitator and a firm believer in the idea that the perfect moments in our life aren’t planned, and they often take us to where we need to be. Michael is here to help us be aware of the amazing people around us, and the limitless opportunities they bring with them.

Segment 4: Dan the Man Download Segment 4
We often hear that we should “begin with the end in mind.” But what if that’s wrong? Maybe we should begin with the “why” in mind instead. Dan Clark (@danclarkspeak), Professional Speaker and contributing author to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, has mediated on this extensively. Listen in for an abundance of wisdom from this remarkable man.

Segment 5: All the World’s a Stage Download Segment 5
Building your brand is a full time job. That’s what Clarissa Burt (@clarissaburt) has learned during her time in the media business. Since age 18, she has been immersed in the entertainment world through magazines, movies, and television. Find out more Clarissa and her upcoming projects in this segment.

Segment 6: Do the Brain Dance Download Segment 6
If you have a bad memory, you’re going to want to pay attention in this segment. Dave Farrow (@totalrecallman), CEO of Farrow Inc., is a two time Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory. He has created fun and simple exercises that are designed to help you improve your memory; after all, your brain gets lazy just like your body does.

Find out more about Dave and his methods here.


Working Mother Radio

Making Smart Choices | #138

Having a family means making many sacrifices and changing the way you spend your time and money. Thank goodness those little guys are cute! How can you best prepare yourself for the upcoming adjustments? Kimberly Palmer and Alyson Eberle join us to help with two important aspects of new parenthood; finances and nutrition. | Download Full Episode #138

Segment 1: Family Finances Download Segment 1
Becoming a mother changes your life in so many ways, including financially. Suddenly there is a plethora of new expenses to worry about, college savings to start putting away, all while still remembering to take care of yourself and your future. Kimberly Palmer (@KimberlyPalmer), author of “Smart Mom, Rich Mom,” is here to bring you the tools you need to adjust to financial life as a mom.

Segment 2: Don’t Forget to Prep Download Segment 2
There is a lot of preparation that goes into having a baby. You need to get clothes, prepare a room, stock up on diapers, and so many other things. Kimberly Palmer (@KimberlyPalmer) encourages expecting mothers not to forget to factor in financial strains after having a baby, and if possible to start saving as soon as you know you’re expecting.

Segment 3: Thinking about the Unthinkable Download Segment 3
Our next subject is something that people often don’t want to think about or deal with – insurance. It’s imperative to protect your family, and both life and disability insurance can help alleviate some of the strain that can befall a family should the unthinkable occur. More on this from Kimberly Palmer(@KimberlyPalmer).

Segment 4: Nutritious Choices Download Segment 4
We all want to give our kids the best start in life, and a big part of that begins with nutrition when they’re babies. It can be difficult to identify the prime choice, especially since most purees contain ingredients that are unfamiliar and unnatural. Alyson Eberle, Founder of Pure Spoon (@purespoon), faced this very dilemma with her daughter. Listen in to find out what she did to put nutrition first.

Segment 5: Family First Download Segment 5
How does Alyson Eberle, Founder of Pure Spoon (@purespoon), juggle entrepreneurship with being a mother? While it can be difficult to strike a balance, Alyson makes sure she always has time for her daughter and is respectful of that time they have together. We also ask for her advice on what to do if you think you have a marketable idea, but can’t seem to get started.

Segment 6: Leaving Behind a Lesson Download Segment 6
As a working mother and business owner, what does Alyson Eberle (@purespoon) hope to teach her daughter?

Find out more about Pure Spoon, including where you can try out the product, here

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