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ERN Headlines of the Week: Aug 27, 2016 – Sep 2, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

2016 Concorso Italiano | #259

Broadcasting from the immaculately manicured grounds of the Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey Bay, California, we cover the 2016 Concorso Italiano. We report on the unique event showcasing nearly 1,000 vehicles of Italian origin. | Download Full Episode #259

Segment 1: News From Ford GT Download Segment 1
We’re hanging out at the Black Horse Golf Course for Concorso Italiano (@ConcorsoItalian) with Karl Brauer @karlbrauer, Senior Director of Insights at Kelley Blue Book (@KelleyBlueBook). Karl is a Ford GT owner and enthusiast, making him the perfect person to get the latest news from. Find out about Ford GT’s recent announcement, as well as Karl’s new website, in this segment.

Segment 2: 2017 Acura NSX Download Segment 2
Karl Brauer (@karlbrauer) took a ride on the wild side when he tested out the new Acura NSX. This gorgeous, 573 horsepower madhouse impressed the heck out of him, and with the same amount of technology that a $750,000 supercar contains, the Acura only costs around $150,000.

You can find an article Karl wrote about the Acura here.

Segment 3: The Main Man Download Segment 3
It’s time to talk with the man who makes Concorso Italiano (@ConcorsoItalian) what it is: Tom McDowell, President and CEO! This isn’t just some event that’s thrown together at the last minute; it takes all year to prepare. Tom and Alan admire the cars that drive by and chat about how Tom got into the crazy world of cars.

Segment 4: Tom Tjaarda Download Segment 4
After oohing and aahing at all of the gorgeous vehicles at Concorso Italiano (@ConcorsoItalian), we’re ready to speak with some designers. First up is Tom Tjaarda, mastermind behind such notable vehicles as the De Tomaso Pantera and 2013 Fiat 124 Spider.

Segment 5: Enzo Ferarri Download Segment 5
The next designer we have the pleasure of speaking with is Ken Okuyama (@KenODesign), who gave us the Ferrari Enzo. With him, we discuss purpose oriented design, eye of the beholder versus eye of the designer, and the amazing influence of Sergio Pininfarina.

Segment 6: Kode57 Download Segment 6
Ken Okuyama’s (@KenODesign) designing days are far from over. After starting his own company in Japan, Ken began rolling out cars once more, most recently the Kode57. Listen in to hear more about Ken’s creation.

Segment 7: Historical Certainty Download Segment 7
This year is an important year for Lamborghini (@Lamborghini), it’s turning 50! Lamborghini Head of PoloStorico, Enrico Maffeo, aims to protect the heritage of the iconic brand by remanufacturing spare parts and restoring important classics to their former glory. We learn how the brand ensures “historic certainty” and pure Lamo-goodness. Plus, learn more about the Centenario, the astounding supercar which pays homage to the 100th birth anniversary of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Segment 8: Made with Love Download Segment 8
From the Lamborghini Gallardo to the Aventador and Huracán, we relish in the exquisitely handmade vehicle lineup from Lamborghini America (@Lamborghini) with Chief Operating Officer, Alessandro Farmeschi, and find out how the brand is performing globally.

Segment 9: Driving History Download Segment 9
Danish born race car driver, Christina Nielsen (@ChristinaRacing), has been dominating on the track behind the wheel of the #63 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 and aims to be the first female driver to win an international GT Daytona championship. With possible historic wins on the horizon, Christina discusses team mentality and plans for 2017.

Segment 10: High Performance Fun | Download Segment 10
It’s official: FIAT brand (@FIATUSA) has partnered with Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, adding the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth and 500 Abarth to the vehicle lineup. Rafael Paz wants you to experience the wickedly-fast performance of FIAT. Learn how.

Segment 11: Motorsports and Wine | Download Segment 11
So Cal car kid turned automotive race team owner, boutique wine maker, and pro driver – Kevin Buckler (@KevinBucklerCEO) has an enviable life. Kevin recaps the full-circle journey that lead to creation of two successful businesses: The Racer’s Group(@theracersgroup) and Adobe Road Winery (@adoberoadwines).

Segment 12: Getting Social | Download Segment 12
Monterey Car Week is a life-changing event for automotive enthusiasts. Alan encourages you to check out the hashtag,#MontereyCarWeek2016, on social media to view some of the amazing vehicles on display. Plus, get a preview of our interview with Jay Leno coming up next week.

Segment 13: Motorz Fan Club | Download Segment 13
Are you a fan of Motorz (@Motorz)? You’re in good company! Chris Duke (@ChrisDukeTV) curates an awesome collection of cool cars, episode updates, and more. Check it out now.

Segment 14: Used Car Buying Download Segment 14
What will the next project vehicle be for Motorz (@Motorz)? Well, it’s complicated… We’re on the hunt for a car or truck worthy of the Motorz moniker which leads to a informative conversation on used-car buying tips with Chris Duke (@ChrisDukeTV) and BJ Killeen (@driverstalk).

Segment 15: New, Old Stock Download Segment 15
DeLorean is back! For the first time in over 30 years, the DMC-12, in all of its original 1980′s glory and lackluster Renault engine, is slotted for production in 2017. For more on this story is Chris Duke (@ChrisDukeTV).

Segment 16: 2017 Nissan Titan Download Segment 16
When it comes to brand loyalty, the truck segment is fiercely competitive. The 2017 Nissan Titan packs a one-two punch of good looks and durability, but is it enough to get drivers to trade camps? Alan reviews what has been dubbed the “Every-Duty Truck.”

Segment 17: Cadillac in Crisis? Download Segment 17
The Cadillac Escala Concept made a noteworthy appearance at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. No question, the concept is beautiful, but is the Cadillac brand living up to expectations in the luxury segment? BJ Killeen (@driverstalk) argues buyers aren’t seeing enough value.

Segment 18: Cars and Politics Download Segment 18
Alan gives another sneak peek at next week’s episode where he talks politics with Jay Leno. Don’t miss our coverage of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance coming up next week!


Inc. Radio

Getting Shiznit Done | #89

Are you ready to live your life with intention, get stuff done, level up, and build your personal brand? You’ve come to the right place! Join us as we talk with Joshua Smith and Paul David Walker about all things entrepreneurial. | Download Full Episode #89

Segment 1: GSD Mode Download Segment 1
Ready to activate GSD mode and level up? No, we’re not talking about video games. Joshua Smith, Founder of GSD Mode (@GSDMode), Revisto Real Estate, and Optimal Life Nutrition (among others), creates content that aims to help entrepreneurs face every kind of challenge by sharing what he did to overcome his own. GSD (get s*** done) is a fairly self-explanatory concept; see if you can put it into practice.

Segment 2: Live for Monday Download Segment 2
Alan explores how GSD Mode (@GSDMode) can be particularly beneficial to youth by appealing to them in a way that resonates, and showing them what you can do if you know what’s important to you.

Segment 3: How Did We Get Here Download Segment 3
Joshua Smith (@GSDMode) has many successful businesses, does 10 million in revenue every month from real estate alone, and has a loving family. How did he go from being a suicidal 21 year old to where he is now? Find out Joshua’s story in this segment.

Segment 4: Living with Intention Download Segment 4
Want to know how many months you have left in the world? Joshua Smith (@GSDMode) does, and he keeps a reminder on his computer. This is all part of living with intention, and not wasting a single moment.

For more content from Joshua Smith, click here.

Segment 5: Being Authentic Download Segment 5
Paul David Walker (@PaulDavidWalker) joins us to talk about personal branding and knowing your audience. The key is to have an authentic (but short) story that others can relate to. Do you have a story?

Segment 6: Eating Elephants Download Segment 6
How do you eat an elephant? This seemingly silly question actually yields some good advice for taking things slowly and solving challenges one at a time.


Working Mother Radio

Wage Equality & Child Care | #142

How close are we really to breaking the glass ceiling for gender equality in corporate America? Peggy Klaus reports. Then, find out why you should ditch the mom-guilt and hire a pro to help you care for your child with Florence Romano. | Download Full Episode #142

Segment 1: Checking the Diversity Box | Download Segment 1
With a presidential election on the horizon, many groups are pointing a spotlight at gender equality in the workplace. Fortune 500 coach and author of “The Hard Truth About Soft Skills“, Peggy Klaus (@PegKlaus) reminds us, a balanced workforce includes men and speaks candidly on surface-level, diversity inclusion solutions.

Segment 2: Turn the Titanic Around | Download Segment 2
Revised hiring procedures, unconscious bias training, professional development, and more: creating a thriving and diverse corporate culture isn’t easy. It takes resources and commitment. Executive Coach and Leader of Corporate Training Programs, Peggy Klaus (@PegKlaus), explains how momentum to close the wage gap is building.

Segment 3: Making a Ripple Effect Download Segment 3
A-list celebs like Bradley Cooper have taken a stand on equal pay in in Hollywood, but is it enough to fight the double standard? We discuss the beneficial trickle down effect of high-profile activists with author of “Brag!: The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It”, Peggy Klaus (@PegKlaus).

Segment 4: New Nanny On Board Download Segment 4
Many children in the U.S. are being looked after by caretakers or nannies, and the job description goes way beyond an occasional shuttle to and from school. We tackle the difficult task of on-boarding a new caretaker with author of “Nanny and Me”, Florence Romano (@FlorenceAnnChi).

Segment 5: Testing the Limits | Download Segment 5
You’ve empowered your nanny to uphold the household rules and values, but your child is still rebelling. What do you do? “Nanny and Me” author, Florence Romano (@FlorenceAnnChi), says not to worry, testing limits is normal. Find out how you can troubleshoot this tricky situation.

Segment 6: Child Nanny Bonding | Download Segment 6
Florence Romano (@FlorenceAnnChi) advises, ditch the mom-guilt; a great caretaker can give you a different perspective on parenting and help your child learn new things. Bettina shares a personal anecdote about the process of teaching her daughter how to tie her shoes with the help of an outstanding nanny.


Popular Science Radio

Enduring Energy of the Trekkie | #327

A prime example of the extraordinary impact that popular culture has on our society is the show Star Trek. Bridging gaps, punching through barriers, and inspiring new technologies – this show did everything, and more. We’ll speak with the Executive Producer of “Building Star Trek,” a 2 hour special examining what the sci-fi sensation continues to do to our lives. We will also find out how to escape Wi-Fi black holes, and what biofuel can do for our energy future. | Download Full Episode #327

Segment 1: Trekking Out Download Segment 1

Alan is a Trekkie. Who would have thought? Then again, Star Trek has had an amazing run. Lasting through the decades, spawning revivals, and even impacting science and technology research, the show continues to have a far reaching influence on our society. Elliott Halpern, Executive Producer of “Building Star Trek,” (@SmithsonianChan)  shares in Alan’s excitement.

Segment 2: Technology of Star Trek Download Segment 2
On September 4th, at 8 p.m. eastern and pacific time, Star Trek will once again make its way into our lives through a 2 hour special called “Building Star Trek.” Executive Producer Elliott Halpern geeks out with us over sci-fi technologies that have been and are being created for real world application, such as a universal translator, tractor beam, and even a tricorder!

Segment 3: Holding Onto the Past Download Segment 3
If the creators of Star Trek had known what a sensation the show would become, they probably would have kept a closer eye on the props. Unfortunately, most were thrown out or lost, and what survived wasn’t always in the best condition. The Star Trek exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington contains dozens of fantastic pieces from the original show – including the model Enterprise.

Segment 4: The Wi-Fi Black Hole Download Segment 4
Some people, the unlucky ones, live in a Wi-Fi vortex where no streaming, downloading, browsing or buying is possible without a direct connection. Until recently, Alan was one of those people. Find out how he escaped the wireless black hole using the ATHENA-EX, a powerful range extender designed for multi-device households.

Segment 5: Biofuel | Download Segment 5
Energy resources and the oil industry are controversial topics, but in order to find a solution they need to be discussed. Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis (@Aemetis), is in the business of biofuel, one potential solution to future oil crises.

Segment 6: Cleaning Up Diesel Download Segment 6
Gasoline gets a lot of bad press, but diesel in particular gets the brunt of it. Can the biggest issues be solved with biodiesel? It produces virtually no sulfur and 80% less carbon while costing less than traditional diesel. Eric McAfee (@Aemetis) has more.

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