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ERN Headlines of the Week: Aug 20, 2016 – Aug 26, 2016

The Drive with Alan Taylor

Live from Concorso Italiano | #258

We’re sitting at the Black Horse Golf Course for Concorso Italiano! This episode is focused on the future, and we’re looking at what Uber and Volvo are doing with their self-driving fleet for a taste of what may be in store. We also find out about an amazing and innovative new electric vehicle coming from Electra Meccanica; CEO Jerry Kroll has more. Thanks to Gregg Stebben for filling in while Alan experienced technical issues. Stay tuned next week for more coverage from Pebble Beach! | Download Full Episode #258

Segment 1: Live on the Green Download Segment 1
We’re at Concorso Italiano (@ConcorsoItalian) on the Monterey Peninsula, broadcasting from a golf course of all places! Joining us is Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben), Tech Editor for Men’s Health and author of “White House Confidential.” We’ll be chatting with him about self-driving cars and upcoming auto technology.

Segment 2: Volvo XC90 Download Segment 2
When a tech guy test drives a car, what does he focus on? The technology of course! A little over a year ago, Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) drove the Volvo XC90 and saw amazing potential in the semi-autonomous features it already possessed. It’s about to get even better; listen in to find out how.

Segment 3: Self-Driving Fleet Download Segment 3
Uber and Volvo have teamed up to bring the world its first fleet of self-driving cars designed for public use. Alan and Gregg Stebben (@GreggStebben) ponder how much this will change the world and the way we get around. But here’s a terrifying thought: what happens when the technology we rely on fails?

Segment 4: High Performance Electric Vehicle Download Segment 4
Get your credit card ready; we’re about to introduce you to a vehicle that’s fast, affordable, and stylish as heck. Jerry Kroll, CEO of Electra Meccanica (@ElectraMecc), is here to tell us about a brand new car that will be introduced on September 9th – but you get a sneak preview.

Segment 5: The Solo Download Segment 5
0 to 60 in 8 seconds. 82 horsepower electric motor. Leasing available at $100 a month. This is The Solo. Jerry Kroll, CEO of Electra Meccanica (@ElectraMecc), tells us more about the safety features and design details on this innovative and attention grabbing car.


Inc. Radio

Ugly Ideas and Hostage Situations | #88

What a show we have for you! From turning your ugly ideas into polished pretty ones, to using FBI hostage tactics in a business negotiation, you’re bound to learn something new. | Download Full Episode #88

Segment 1: First Impressions Download Segment 1
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Many radio stations launch too early – as Dick Taylor, Radio and Digital Marketing Consultant, says, they launch “ugly.” Listen in to find out how you can avoid making the same mistakes others have.

Segment 2: Your Idea is Ugly Download Segment 2
Why do actors rehearse their lines, painters spend weeks on their art, and singers train for years? To polish their talents and make sure they’re the best they can be! The same goes for your ideas. Dick Taylor tells us how to craft our ideas into the greatest iterations possible.

Segment 3: The Changing World Download Segment 3
We are in the midst of a communication revolution. How do we bridge the gap between old media and new media? Dick Taylor helps us navigate the changes in the world of radio.

Segment 4: Negotiations Download Segment 4
How do hostage negotiation tactics apply to the business world? If anyone knows, it’s Chris Voss (@VossNegotiation). After 24 years in the FBI, Chris has taken his knowledge of the human psyche and brought it into business negotiations.

Segment 5: Psychology of Triggers Download Segment 5
Everyone has a trigger; how can you play off of them to your own advantage? Chris Voss (@VossNegotiation), CEO and Founder ofThe Black Swan Group, teaches us how to identify someone’s trigger patterns and diminish negative feelings.

Segment 6: That’s Right Download Segment 6
What are the best two words you can hear in a negotiation – and which are the worst? Chris Voss (@VossNegotiation) gives us some parting words of wisdom.


Popular Science Radio

Future of Cars, AI, and DNA | #326

Innovation is often born out of competition. Today, we find out about XPRIZE, progress in the field of AI, ‘biological barcoding,’ and the revolution of 3D printing in the auto world. | Download Full Episode #326

Segment 1: XPRIZE Download Segment 1
How do big innovations happen? Competitions like XPRIZE (@xprize) help make progress possible by providing incentives to help creators want to create. Amir Banifatemi, Prize Leader for IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, joins to tell us more about the origins of XPRIZE.

Segment 2: Future of AI Download Segment 2
What makes XPRIZE (@xprize) so important, especially to the field of AI? Amir Banifatemi explains how this challenge has helped AI progress and bring together multidisciplinary teams from around the world.

Segment 3: A Biological Code Download Segment 3
The world needs a better way to track products and identify the ones that are genuine. This is the mission of MeiLin Wan, Applied DNA Sciences (@APDN) Executive Director of Textile Sales. MeiLin is here to shed some light on a new product that uses plant DNA to create a ‘biological barcode’ to track all kinds of goods.

Segment 4: The Future of the Car Download Segment 4
Local Motors (@localmotors) have been advancing the technology of building cars by leaps and bounds, but they have encountered the usual hurdle automotive companies come up against: the Federal Government. CEO Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) fills us in on their difficulties and progress.

Segment 5: Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Download Segment 5
With a belief in sustainability and local ingenuity, Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) and Local Motors (@localmotors) have made it their mission to enhance the life of local communities everywhere. We also learn about the NEV, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, which he plans to introduce to meet the needs of congested city transit.

Segment 6: Car Recycling Download Segment 6
What if you could trade your car in for the newest updated version every 18 months? Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) lets us know about his plan for the future: Trade in your 3D printed car, have it ground down and turned into materials for your new car!

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