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Demon Tires: A Unique Breed

The 2018 Dodge Demon has made its way into the garages of the first few lucky owners of the 3,300 coming off the production line. This 840-HP monster, at this time, is the fastest production car ever made and that’s not all that makes it so unique.  This monster comes equipped with Demon branded drag slicks.

The specialty Nitto NT05R tires measure 315/40R18 and are equipped with those iconic red Brembo calipers that can stop the Demon down on the drop of a dime. These sticky tires are barely street legal and are severely limited to the times that you can hit the road with them. Designed using a soft, warm-weather compound, they have the lowest legal tread depth. Dodge even has owners sign a disclaimer that states, “Customer Shall not move the Vehicle in temperatures below 15° F with the Drag Tires. In temperatures below 15° F, the Drag Tires can lose flexibility and that may lead to cracking and other tire damage.”

Dodge is looking out for their drivers’ safety by going above and beyond to make sure that their legal terms warn owners of the dangers of these special tires. They are also instructed to not use these tires on the highway, as they will wear down to nothing very quickly. If it’s raining? Owners are strongly cautioned to keep their ride in the garage as the drag slicks are dangerous and can lend easily to hydroplaning.  

There is a solution to make this masterful machine an everyday driver. You can swap out those Demon drags for all-weather tires that can withstand the rain and snow. This would play by the rules of the Demon’s disclaimer and give the owners the opportunity to really stretch the legs of this beast. The question is – where will your Demon take you?

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