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  • Aug 05, 2017

    All-Electric B1, Fisker Emotion, and the Definition of Luxury | #300


    Automotive designers and engineers are diligently working to pioneer the future of electric cars. Already, we have phenomenal safety features, and range anxiety decreases while battery power power increases. We begin the hour with Robert Bollinger, Founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors, who tells us about the world’s first all-electric, all-wheel drive, on/off road sport utility truck, the B1. Then, JoshCAR’s Hollywood car consultant, Josh Hancock, shares his thoughts on the B1, and describes his recent drive of the Mercedes GLC 300. Switching gears, we chat with Henrick Fisker, CEO of Fisker, Inc., about their all-electric, luxury car, the Fisker Emotion, that will reportedly house up to 400-miles of battery charge. We end the hour with Autotrader’s Executive Editor, Brian Moody, who talks to us about the future of EV vehicles, luxury vs space, and cities discouraging personal car ownership. A meteoric shift is under way into the automotive industry, are you ready for impact?


    • [00:00:00] Electric vehicles – Not Just for City Folk Anymore!
    • [00:05:50] An Electric Truck Will Tow 6,000 Lbs
    • [00:12:30] B1 is an Off-road, All-electric Defender
    • [00:19:52] Hollywood wants Bollinger B1 Aluminum Chassis
    • [00:29:48] 2017 Mercedes AMG GLE 43 and GLC 300
    • [00:35:56] Hot Wheels Movie in Hollywood’s Future
    • [00:42:16] Fisker Emotion: An Electric Revolution
    • [00:47:38] A Powertrain Layout Designed for the Future
    • [00:54:47] Electric Cars On the Rise, Diesel is Dying
    • [01:02:08] Automotive Journalists Are Not Critical Enough
    • [01:10:54] No Doubt About It – Luxury Equals Space
    • [01:18:06] Cities Stealthily Discourage Personal Car Ownership


    Discover more about segments and guests below…


    [00:00:00] Electric vehicles – Not Just for City Folk Anymore!
    Farmers need efficient vehicles, too. That is exactly what Robert Bollinger, Founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors, thought after one of the many long days on his ranch. This spurred his idea for the B1, the world’s first all-electric, all-wheel drive, on/off road sport utility truck. Robert, along with the help of an amazing team, has created an alarmingly light vehicle with an aluminum chassis and body panels, weighing in at 3,900 lbs. This truck has ample cargo and passenger space, and resembles a modern take on the first Jeep. Have you been looking for a new work truck? The B1 may be your newest farm hand.


    [00:05:50] An Electric Truck That Will Tow 6,000 Lbs
    Range anxiety, minimal power, and a silent motor, have earned electric vehicles a lackluster reputation. Robert Bollinger, Founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors, aims to change the timid EV. The B1 is an all-electric sports utility vehicle that houses dual motors. These motors provide a 50/50 weight balance, and are estimated to pull up to 6,000 pounds. They have built the battery compartments so you’re able to easily replace them as new technology emerges, making it possible for you to keep this truck for a very long time. Upon release, there will be two different charge capacity options depending on how you plan to use this utilitarian truck. Could this be the EV you’ve been waiting for?


    [00:12:30] B1 is an Off-road, All-electric Earth Defender
    Many of us love to get out there in the woods and explore the disheveled back roads, and until recently that meant lots of gas. What if you could have the power, with no harmful emissions? The Bollinger B1, designed by Robert Bollinger and his team at Bollinger Motors, has come up with a fuel cutting solution. The all-electric, all-wheel drive, B1 is extremely quiet, keeping the peace in the forest at you trek through it. Government agencies are even interested in purchasing fleets of the environmentally friendly vehicle for forest rangers. A price and release date will be announced by the end of the year, for those EV eager beavers. Are you ready to take to the woods in an all-electric earth defender?


    [00:19:52] Hollywood Craves Bollinger B1 Aluminum Chassis
    Movie cars are often built to be destroyed, and while this is devastating to some car lovers, we know it makes the films more exciting. JoshCAR’s Hollywood car consultant, Josh Hancock, tells us that he’s already fielded some inquiries regarding the use of the new Bollinger B1 chassis. The B1 has not even been released to the public yet and it is generating high demand; when an innovation is revolutionary, it will catch on quickly. Switching gears, Josh discusses his family’s annual charity event, and his recent drive of the Mercedes GLC 300. Listen in for more excitement.


    [00:29:48] 2017 Mercedes AMG GLE 43 and GLC 300
    Mercedes does not do mediocre, and if it happens to have the three little letters ‘AMG’ on it, then you know it’s superior! Alan and JoshCAR’s Hollywood Car Consultant, Josh Hancock, chat about their impressions of recent Mercedes test drives. Alan says the 2017 Mercedes AMG GLE is a wonderful machine, designed with handling and opulence in mind. The only downside he experienced was difficulty interfacing with the infotainment system, but the Apple plug-n-play made it a bit more accessible. Then, Josh drove a smaller Mercedes SUV, the GLC 300, and he raves about the safety features. Which level of luxury can you picture yourself in?


    [00:35:56] Hot Wheels Movie in Hollywood’s Future
    When it comes to the cars of movies, no one knows better than the Hollywood Car Consultant Josh Hancock of JoshCAR. We chat with him about his recent drive of the Mercedes GLC 300, which replaced the GLK. He also tells us about some new movies that will be speeding to the screen in no time. Dick Chaney’s life will be portrayed on film starring Christian Bale. Even more exciting, Justin Lynn will be directing the upcoming Hot Wheels movie. Learn more.


    [00:42:16] Fisker Emotion: An Electric Revolution
    Electric cars are making huge leaps and bounds, but they still only account for a small amount of the automotive market. Many are weary to buy one because of their ‘range anxiety’. The Fisker Emotion is the answer, and Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker, Inc., tells us all about his newest innovation. This car is expected to have a 400 mile electric range, making it the current class leader. The design of this car is quite unique, and has an interior size comparable to the BMW 7 series. The Emotion will also have a battery that can charge 125 miles in an estimated nine minutes. It’s time to pivot with technology, are you ready?


    [00:47:38] A Powertrain Layout Designed for the Future
    Technology has come a long way since the first electric car, and designers are starting to abate hesitations that come with EV ownership. Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker, Inc., has changed the way the world will see fuel-less vehicles. The Fisker Emotion has a revolutionary new powertrain layout that could be the future of the automobile. The batteries in this car will eventually be ‘ultra-chargers’ that can charge in under 20 minutes, decreasing ‘range anxiety’. Fisker will be designing this car so you can easily change the battery as technology advances, and there is a possibility for a flexible solid-state battery that will get up to 600 miles per charge. Discover why electric may be the way to go in the near future.


    [00:54:47] Electric Cars On the Rise, Diesel is Dying
    Many of us don’t like change, but we can no longer deny the future of electric cars. ‘Range anxiety’ is being drastically reduced, charging stops are becoming quicker, and in some states there are even incentives to purchase electric power trains over fuel injected vehicles. CEO of Fisker, Inc., Henrik Fisker, fills us in on the Fisker Emotion, set to hit production in 2019. The Emotion will have an MSRP of $129,000, and will get up to 400 miles per charge, giving it the longest electric range at this time. Henrik pioneered this innovation because he is aware of the shift in the automotive world. Will EV usher in the death of diesel?


    [01:02:08] Automotive Journalists Are Not Critical Enough
    Electric cars are generating an extreme amount of hype these days. Brian Moody, Executive Editor of Autotrader, discusses EVs and thinks that automotive journalists are not asking the difficult questions. His concern is that the press is just being used to help raise capital for electric car companies. True, our world is shifting to everything electric and autonomous, but Brian believes we need more information before we continue to invest in EV? Are you team electric?


    [01:10:54] No Doubt About It – Luxury Equals Space
    When you think of a glamorous home, you imagine ample, lofty spaces. This notion also applies to vehicles, says Executive Editor of Autotrader, Brian Moody. Space is valuable commodity, and necessary for comfort; so when premiere auto designers create a vehicle, the amount of interior room is often at the forefront of their minds. Brian reviews the 2017 Escalade and shares that the spacious ride, with numerous upgrade options, defines luxury. How high is space on your list?


    [01:18:06] Cities Stealthily Discourage Personal Car Ownership
    Cities are becoming so populated that the ownership of a personal vehicle is becoming more difficult and expensive. Brian Moody, Executive Editor of Autotrader, sounds off about the tipping point we are approaching; the world is beginning to force us to change our habits. Developers are choosing to eliminate parking spaces in their metropolitan designs, making it more difficult for owners that have a car. There are many public transit systems in place these days that make it easier, but does that mean we are willing to give up our beloved four-wheel chariots?


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    Program Host: Alan Taylor
    Producer: Dave Milligan
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
    Copy Editor: Jess Baumgardner
    Contributor: Josh Hancock
    Special Guest: Robert Bollinger
    Special Guest: Henrik Fisker
    Special Guest: Brian Moody

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