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  • Jul 22, 2016

    Making Life Easier | FULL SHOW | #153


    What do carbon fiber wheels and nut jobs have to do with each other? They’re both topics that our guests will be covering! Steve Schardt and Randy “Crusher” Lewis join us to discuss drag racing, business during car season, and cleaning those hard to reach places (get your mind out of the gutter). | Download Full Episode #153


    Segment 1: Daytona Upgrade | Download Segment 1

    The guys have been away on vacation and take a second to catch up. Ryan went to Daytona, Florida and was blown away by the recent remodel to the speedway. We also get set up for today’s guests.


    Segment 2: Forgeline Wheels | Download Segment 2

    Our first guest is Steve Schardt from Forgeline Wheels (@ForgelineWheels). Car season is in full swing, which is always good for business. Steve and Dan chat about SEMA, which is rapidly approaching, as well as some of the services offered by Forgeline.


    Segment 3: Carbon Fiber Creations | Download Segment 3

    Carbon fiber is making its way through practically every industry, including car parts manufacturing. Steve Schardt gives us a glimpse into Forgeline’s (@ForgelineWheels) latest project – carbon fiber outer wheels. Listen in for more on this fascinating creation!


    Segment 4: What a Nut Job | Download Segment 4

    Our next guest is Randy “Crusher” Lewis, co-creator of the Nut Job detailing tool. Randy started his automotive-oriented career as a fabricator for several victorious drag racing cars. Today, he brings a much needed solution to people like Dan who find it impossible to adequately clean lug nuts. Tune in for details.


    Segment 5: The Crusher | Download Segment 5

    Randy Lewis tells us about his previous experience in drag racing, and how he got his nickname “The Crusher.” We’re also treated into a little business insight; if you can make someone laugh, you’ll get them to trust you.


    Visit to find Randy’s product. 


    Segment 6: What’s New? | Download Segment 6

    We heard about Ryan’s vacation in the first segment, so now it’s Dan’s turn! Take a listen to find out about the Goodguys auto show, fancy watches, and doing a burnout while pulling a trailer.


    Host: Dan Longenette
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
    Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

    Contributor: Ryan Baker

    Special Guests:
    Steve Schardt
    Randy "Crusher" Lewis

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    • Randy CRUSHER
      Jul 27, 2016 at 03:21 PM
      I`ve enjoyed meeting & dealing with this crazy bunch of Car guys so much ! It was a great show & I honestly feel honored that I was included ! Remember, EVERYBODY needs a NUT JOB ! Stay on that LOAD Peddle & MAKE `em SHINE ! CRUSHER
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