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  • Jul 29, 2017

    Some Win, Some Lose: Struggles of Windows Phone, Outdoor Gadgets | #156


    Breaking into the cutting edge of the cellphone industry these days is a next to impossible task. We examine Microsoft’s failed attempt to become the third mobile superpower, and try to make sense of it all with Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor of The Verge. Then, in stark contrast, we celebrate the iPhone’s tenth birthday by recognizing the tremendous impact it’s had on the world. The iPhone revolutionized cellphone design and introduced the world to a pocket sized computer world.


    Next, we cruise down the mountain sides, kayak through the rapids, and catch it all on video with Airdog’s ADI and ADII. Co-Founder and COO, Agris Kipurs, explains why Airdog’s automated drones are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Don’t limit your ideal outdoor experience to just video. Keep the party going strong, on the dunes, in the river, or wherever else you may be, with FUGOO’s new line of ‘everything-proof’ outdoor speakers. CEO Gary Elsasser gives us a little insight into the creation FUGOO and what makes their product so strong, loud, and versatile. Get your dose of on-the-go tech with this weeks episode of Popular Technology Radio.


    ·[00:00:00] Apple Demands Unchained Design Power
    ·[00:06:04] iPhone’s Influence on Early Androids
    ·[00:11:59] Poor Choices Sunk the Windows Phone
    ·[00:19:20] Is Microsoft the SEGA of Smartphones?
    ·[00:29:24] iPhone: Innovating Phones for 10 Years
    ·[00:35:24] Are iPhones A Pain for Gum Companies?
    ·[00:41:45] Airdog Captures Outdoor Moments Easily
    ·[00:47:51] Capture Epic Views With ADII
    ·[00:54:16] FUGOO Style-S and GO Must-Have Speakers
    ·[01:01:36] Robust Craftsmanship Makes Great Sound



    Discover more about segments and guests below…


    [00:00:00] Apple Demands Unchained Design Power

    In the early days of the smartphone, only the rich and powerful had them. Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor of The Verge and author of the article “Google Killed the Windows Phone, not iPhone”, takes us down memory lane as he describes the struggles and eventual triumph of the first iPhone. With a demand that no wireless carrier be able to influence the design or software of the iPhone, Apple had a hard time getting on board with any carriers. This is why the iPhone was released as an AT&T exclusive, making it the first step in the smartphone revolution. Discover more about the competitive beginnings of the iPhone.


    [00:06:04] iPhone’s Influence on Early Androids

    Android co-founder, Andy Rubin, was on his way to a meeting when the iPhone was being announced and had the driver pull over so he could watch the rest of the keynote. His immediate response was “Well, we’re not releasing that phone.” Android went back to the drawing board, and two years later they released the Motorola Droid. Executive Editor of The Verge, Dieter Bohn, explains how the Droid and Verizon’s anti-iPhone campaigns helped propel Android to the successful position they are in today. Are you an Android user, or iPhone lover?


    [00:11:29] Poor Choices Sunk the Windows Phone

    Remember the Windows phone? If you don’t, no one could blame you. In 2010, the smartphone segment was fairly dominated by iPhone and Android, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from taking a crack at it. Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor at The Verge, details how a series of bad decisions sent the Windows Phone into a death spiral that it never recovered from. Microsoft’s poor choices, such as trying to market smartphones to large companies, and a failed venture with Nokia, made even more impossible hill to climb. Learn more about the failure of the Windows phone.


    [00:18:19] Is Microsoft the SEGA of Smartphones?

    Microsoft has killed off support for 80% of their Windows phones, but they aren’t out of the mobile game yet. With plans to take over your homescreen, Microsoft has created a suite software that aims to help convince people to use their cloud services and other products. Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor of The Verge, explains that while this may not propel them to the mobile status of iPhone or Android, it is still a good move for the company. On top of that, we may also see a smartphone/computer hybrid from Microsoft in the future. Also, find out why Dieter doesn’t think there is currently room for a true third player in the mobile segment.


    [00:27:53] iPhone: Innovating Phones for 10 Years

    Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, we reminisce about how Apple’s iPhone has changed the world. Over 1 trillion photos were taken worldwide in 2016, thanks largely to smartphone cameras. The ease and convenience with which we can now take pictures has had a huge impact on the digital camera market and our lives. Mike and Jason explain that the security, well vetted app market, and exemplary battery life are just a few of the reasons why they are adamant iPhone users. Find out why you should make the switch now.


    [00:33:22] Are iPhones A Pain for Gum Companies?

    Did you know that gum sales have declined by 15% since the iPhone’s release in 2007? Due to the number of boredom-killing smartphones in the hands of consumers these days, impulse buys have been negatively affected. Who knew? We take a look at some interesting stats from’s article, “How Apple’s iPhone changed the world: 10 years in 10 charts.” Then, Jason tells us about his favorite features on his recently acquired iPhone 7 Plus, like its IP67 waterproof rating. Don’t fret about your iPhone 7 Plus, it will survive in the toilet while you listen in.


    [00:39:12] Airdog Captures Outdoor Moments Easily

    Does owning and operating a drone sound like a daunting, incalculable endeavor? Worry no more, Airdog has the perfect drone for you. Co-Founder and COO, Agris Kipurs, tells us how their drone is designed to bring hands free video capture to adventure seekers. Airdog’s ADI let’s people capture outdoor activities without getting in their way by automatically following anyone who wears the waterproof tracker. Find out why this drone is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.


    [00:44:47] Capture Epic Views With ADII

    When you’re out in the wild capturing your adventures, like kayaking, snowboarding, or any other exciting outdoor sport, it’s not just about you. That’s why Airdog released the ADII, with scenery in mind. Co-Founder and COO, Agris Kipurs, gives us the rundown on the ADII and it’s amazing upgrades. Scenic capture modes, a greatly improved flight system, and upgraded camera stabilization make the ADII a big step above the ADI. Find out why Airdog’s ADII is man’s best friend.


    [00:50:43] FUGOO Style-S and GO Must-Have Speakers

    Isn’t yelling to maintain a conversation at a party with loud, blaring speakers fun? We don’t think so either. Gary Elsasser, CEO of FUGOO, tells us about their new, more affordable Style-S and GO. With the ability to pair together and play in either stereo or double mode, these portable speakers are essential for house parties. No longer will you need to crank the volume on your stereo system, just place these bad boys at opposite ends of the room and enjoy a more evenly distributed sound. Also, did we mention they are waterproof. Find out why these speakers are perfect for the home and the river.


    [00:57:33] Robust Craftsmanship Creates Great Sound

    With a mission to create the most robust, feature-packed outdoor speakers, CEO Gary Elasser and FUGOO put their 30 years of industry experience, and ‘drop it until it doesn’t break anymore’ attitude to work. An intimate understanding of how highs, lows, and mids propagate in different environments helped shape the sound that FUGOO has brought to their speakers. Built to survive and thrive in a wide variety of outdoor settings while providing high quality, high decibel sound, FUGOO speakers are perfect for adventurers of all types. Find out why you should get yours now.


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    This episode was produced by Entertainment Right Now (ERN). If you found value in this episode, and you’d like to hear more, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes and be sure to subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss a beat. Your feedback helps us to reach more enthusiasts around the world! If you have a question you’d like us to answer, please leave a comment below or e-mail us at


    Program Host: Jason Masters
    Program Host: Mike Etchart
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Jason Masters
    Copy Editor: Cody Castleberry
    Special Guest: Dieter Bohn
    Special Guest: Agris Kipurs
    Special Guest: Gary Elsasser

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