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  • Jun 24, 2017

    Apple’s Developer’s Conference, Connected Bikes, and More | #154


    The only constant is change, and tech developers are pushing the pace. Derek Kessler, Managing Editor for Mobile Nations, was our man on the street for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose. Apple unveiled iOS 11, the Apple Homepod, and more, keeping Apple fans buzzing. Next, Vanhawks, Inc.’s Sohaib Zahidunveils the Valour bike, a connected ride that can monitor your route, metabolism, calories, and road conditions. Then, Palo Alto Innovation’s Alex Tramiel introduces an all-inclusive alarm clock, the Soundman Doppler, with six USB charging ports and Amazon Alexa integration. Adam Anderson of cnctLife discusses the intelliPLUG which gives your the ability to access your home electronics remotely. Magpie’s Raul Oaida talks about their extremely small GPS that can fit on an animal’s collar. Last but not least, The Wirecutter’s Chris Heinonen explains why you may want to keep your basic cable package. Is your home ready for an upgrade?
    · [00:00:00] Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference
    · [00:05:31] Homepod is Siri Enabled and Home Connected
    · [00:12:30] Mac Book Pro is Better than Ever
    · [00:19:48] iOS 11 is Making Mobile Office Life Easier
    · [00:28:43] iPhone 8 Expands its Screen and More
    · [00:35:49] Users are Switching from PCs to Tablets
    · [00:42:10] A Connected Bicycle for the Future
    · [00:48:49] A Bike that Tracks Road Conditions
    · [00:54:41] Sandman Doppler Clock is Connected
    · [01:02:00] IntelliPLUG Grants you Remote Access
    · [01:08:33] Magpie GPS is Small Enough for Pets
    · [01:18:01]  Keep Classic Cable, Save Money


    [00:00:00] Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference
    Are you an Apple loyalist? After the 2017 Apples World Wide Developer Conference, some Adnroid fans may even be switching teams. Derek Kessler, Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, discusses the unveiling of Apple’s latest product upgrades including iOS 11 and Homepod, Apple’s digital voice assistant with Siri built in. Apple is staying true to their quality products. Learn more about the conference now.


    [00:05:31] Homepod is Siri Enabled and Home Connected
    The Amazon Alexa and Google Home have been showing up in houses everywhere, and Apple connoisseurs are clamoring for a similar digital voice assistant. Derek Kessler, Managing Editor at Mobile Nations, discusses the Siri-enabled Apple Homepod. The Homepod will seamlessly connect to Apple Home giving users the ability to control all of their smart home devices. With a few more months to go before release, Derek believes that more upgrades are on the horizon. Get in sync with the Apple Homepod now.


    [00:12:30] Mac Book Pro is Better than Ever
    Just a few short months after the release of its predecessor, consumers are grumbling after the surprisingly sudden unveiling of the new Mac Pro. Mobile Nations’ Derek Kessler found himself a bit salty as an owner of the previous Mac Pro, however, he appreciates that Apple is aiming to make speedy tech upgrades a priority for consumers. Video makers can also look forward to the iMac, and while its base price of $5,000 may be expensive, its operating system is worth it. Are you looking for the perfect computer for all of your needs? Look no further than a Mac.


    [00:19:48] iOS 11 is Making Mobile Office Life Easier
    Our phones, computers, tablets, and watches are becoming our home-away-from-home offices. Derek Kessler, Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, recently attended Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference where Apple unveiled iOS 11 as well as enhancements to iMessage which will now integrate Apple Pay. Apple is working hard at making apps easier to use and to integrate with other apps, making all of your business needs possible. Are you ready for the smoothest Apple operating system yet?


    [00:28:43] iPhone 8 Expands its Screen and More
    Are you in love with your iPhone, but notice a few features that could be improved? Apple is passionate about updating and upgrading to meet consumer needs. Derek Kessler, Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, shares notable enhancements in the iPhone 8. First and foremost, a bigger screen for your viewing pleasure; Apple has removed the beveled edges. They have also updated the control center to gives easy access to our most-utilized apps, and it is customizable! Will you be purchasing the iPhone 8?


    [00:35:49] Users are Switching to Tablets
    Desktops are out, tablets are in! The ease and convenience of a tablet is very appealing to most tech lovers. Managing Editor of Mobile Nations, Derek Kessler, predicts that personal computers are phasing out as the processing power of tablets continues to increase. Derek tells us that he expects to see the tablet category stabilize as consumers demand app-rich, user-friendly computing options. Do you see a portable computer in your future?


    [00:42:10] A Connected Bicycle for the Future
    Baseball cards in your bike spokes aren’t the only way to show off your personal flair. The bike has evolved and we can’t wait to take this new tech for a spin. Sohaib Zahid, CEO of Vanhawks, Inc., tells us about their connected bike, the Valour, with a built-in computer capable of tracking your route, measuring calories burned, and even your riding habits. Sohaib tells us that the Valour was built with design and comfort in mind. Its light carbon fiber frame and grease-less belt drive may make this the bike of your dreams. Are you ready to ride this adventure mobile?


    [00:48:49] A Bike that Tracks Road Conditions
    Some towns have more miles of bike routes than roads – It’s about time someone recorded the best ones. Sohaib Zahid, CEO of Vanhawks, says the Valour connected bike will track the road conditions, record bike routes, and report on ride difficulty when paired with an easy-to-use app. The Valour’s battery lasts up to a week per charge and can be plugged into a standard house outlet. Get your health back on track with the Valour bike. Find out more.


    [00:54:41] Sandman Doppler Clock is Connected
    Smartphone, health tracker, watch, and tablet – How many devices do you need to charge every night? If only they could be charged all in one place. Alex Tramiel, CEO of Palo Alto Innovation, gives us the details on the Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock. With six USB charging ports built into the back, this is the one stop charging port you’ve been waiting for. Added bonus, it’s also integrated with Amazon Alexa and has customizable buttons that connect to your smart home devices. Sleep soundly knowing everything is charging for your busy day tomorrow. Learn more.


    [01:02:00] IntelliPLUG Grants You Remote Access
    Have you been coming home at lunch to throw your air condition on during the hot months? What if we told you that you could do it from your phone, and it would save you time and gas? The Founder of cnctLife, Adam Anderson, discusses the intelliPLUG, a puck-sized device which allows users to access electronics remotely by connecting to WiFi. Simply plug the intelliPLUG into your wall outlet and use cnctLife’s apps to control older, ‘dumb’ electronics. Adam reveals exciting new features you can expect in the future. Learn more about the affordable way to have more control over your home while you’re away.


    [01:08:33] Magpie GPS is Small Enough for Pets
    A GPS that can fit on the collar of your pet could save your animal’s life or even help find a stolen bike. Raul Oaida, Co-Founder of Magpie, fills us in on the Magpie GPS tracker and their Kickstarter campaign. The conveniently tiny Magpie GPS can alert you of the coordinates of whatever you choose to attach it to, preventing the stress and hassle of tracking down something that is important to you. This programmable unit also allows you to control the notification frequency (So, if Fido is going bananas in the back yard, you won’t be inundated with alerts). Keep better track of your valuables. Find out how.


    [01:18:01]  Keep Classic Cable, Save Money
    Cable TV viewers are going the way of the dodo as new streaming options available, however, The Wirecutter’s Chris Heinonen tells us not to cut the cable cord just yet. We all require internet to use video streaming devices that we have and most internet companies are directly correlated with cable providers. Chris shares that when he went to cancel his cable, his internet bill was subject to a $60 increase. After chatting with the company, he worked out a deal where he kept the cable at an affordable base rate, and his internet bill stayed low. So before you decide to do away with classic cable, make sure you are not going to be paying more.


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    · Website: cnctLife
    · Website: Magpie 
    · Website: The Wirecutter 
    · Website: Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference
    · Article: How to Cut the Cord…and What to Do if You Can’t


    Program Host: Mike Etchart
    Program Host: Jason Masters
    Producer: Jason Masters
    Production Assistant: Joanne Bolden
    Audio Engineer: Jason Masters
    Copy Editor: Jess Baumgardner
    Special Guest: Derek Kessler
    Special Guest: Sohaib Zahid
    Special Guest: Alex Tramiel
    Special Guest: Adam Anderson
    Special Guest: Raul Oaida
    Special Guest: Chris Heinonen

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