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  • TUNE IN: Tech news, investing advice, new apps, and cool gear!

    Segment 1: Google Car
    Google demos their prototype for an electric autonomous car this week. What does this mean for the auto industry? Samir Bhavnani sounds off. Changing gears, Apple has confirmed that they will acquire Beats for a cold $3 billion. We fill you in on how this will benefit consumers.


    Segment 2: Apple Buys Beats

    Confirmed: Apple will acquire Beats by Dre. We speculate about ‘brass ring’ for Apple’s for their sizable investment.


    Segment 3: Swingbyte 2 Reviewed
    As an avid golfer, Pop Tech Correspondent Samir Bhavnani made a plea to test the Swingbyte 2 on the back nine. Samir fills us in on how the Pop Tech Tester item improved his game.


    Segment 4: Sony QX10 Reviewed
    Mike, our Pop Tech Tester hailing from Lake Havasu, recently tested out the Sony QX10; a digital camera that can attach to your smartphone. Mike covers the advantages and problems he experienced with the device.



    Segment 5: Archiving Memories
    As memory cards get less expensive, many digital camera users keep thousands of photos on their camera without creating an archive system. Picture Keeper has a solution that’s as easy as plug and store.


    Segment 6: Photo Storage Made Easy
    As memory cards get less expensive, many digital camera users keep thousands of photos on their camera without creating an archive system. Picture Keeper has a solution that’s as easy as plug and store.

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be giving a Picture Keeper to a lucky Pop Tech Tester! Interested in trying it out? Make sure to sign-up.


    Segment 7: Nip and Tuck Acquisition
    Was the purchase of Beats by Dre an attempt to reinvigorate Apple’s iTunes? Tech investment guru, Chris Versace covers the Apple announcement as well as chatter regarding a bigger, better iOS for the connected home.


    Segment 8: Investing in Tech
    Will the stock market finally hit 17,000? PowerTrend Profits Editor Chris Versace predicts, “Yes!” Find out what company’s are primed to take off.


    Segment 9: Escape Traffic
    Don’t get stuck in traffic! The Inrix App combines the power of navigation with traffic alerts to give you a real-time look at what’s ahead in your journey. Jon Maron fills us in on the tech being the popular application.


    Segment 10: Good Trip
    What’s the difference between a standard navigation system and the Inrix App? Jon Maron explains how the handy App goes beyond traditional ‘flow’ data to help everyone make a better trip from A to B.


    Segment 11: Get Rugged!
    Panasonic is coming out with a new portfolio of products to work with your adventurous lifestyle. Jamie Rivera fills us in on the amazing picture quality of the Panasonic HX-A500.


    Segment 12: Hollywood Calling
    With amazing resolution and an extremely compact size, the Panasonic HX-A500 is a rugged option for Hollywood and soccer mom’s alike. Jamie Rivera talks specs.


    Sign-up to be a Pop Tech Tester for your chance to win the Picture Keeper:

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