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Presenting Her Royal Highness, the 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

It’s happened! Love at first sight is real. I am head over heels for the 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Coupe, and she was oh so good to me.  As soon as I unlocked her from across the parking lot, I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The Rhodium Silver paint gleaned in the daylight, a captivating sight to behold. I opened the door and was hit with a wave of excitement. Her bright red leather seats were inviting, her lines were clean, and her design exuded elegance from every angle. The infotainment unit, with its 770W Meridian sound system, looked like a beauty mark on the dash of this gorgeous car. She had simple and easy-to-use dials that made my interaction with the interface incredibly simple. 

Our connection began in park, but my infatuation flourished with a gentle push of the ignition button. The growl of her engine tickled my craving for power. As I put the F-TYPE SVR Coupe into reverse, I felt as if I was inducted into a secret club for power lovers. When it was time to pull out of the parking lot, I slowly let my foot tap the gas as we purred forward. There was a stoplight moments after I left the lot and I pushed down on the  carbon ceramic matrix brakes only to feel her shutter and shut off. The fuel saving action of this car was not the smoothest transition, but I attribute that to her powerful engine. This empress boasts an impressive 575-HP from her supercharged V8 engine, and she shows it off as soon as you click her into drive. 

The 8-speed quick-shift transmission with paddle-shifters and an aggressive sports mode is something to be admired. This lady also has instinctive all-wheel drive giving her the kind of road grip necessary to hug any corner your heart desires. She is adorned with a carbon fiber aerodynamic spoiler enabling her to push down onto the pavement, making handling exceptional. During cornering, her torque vectoring capabilities provide controlled independent braking of the inside front and rear wheels. The F-TYPE SVR Coupe comes equipped with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics that, when partnered with the Electronic Active Differential, help deliver the perfect amount of torque to each rear wheel. Adaptive Dynamics modify her response to road conditions and your personal driving style. 

I rolled her through town slowly, listening to her snarl at onlookers as I headed towards the freeway. There is a straight exit-to-exit stretch on the I-5 right above our town that would give me the opportunity to really open her up. The on ramp is a slight incline and as I weighted my foot on the gas, she swiftly and effortlessly climbed. Just a bit ahead of me a semi was creeping along – I flashed past it in a blur. The car was silent at that speed and I zoomed along like a bullet. Before I knew it, my exit was approaching, and I had to resist every urge to keep on driving into the sunset.

Instead, I rolled over to a side road, eager to try out the sports mode. I stopped on an abandoned turn off and revved her engine; music to my ears! As the engine rumbled, a gentleman walking on the sidewalk gave me a nod as I growled by – He knew he was looking at royalty. 

Then, it was time… I had to bring her back to the parking lot and hand the keys over to my boss. I jumped out and blew her a kiss. Thanks for the ride, my queen!

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  • Linda Williams
    Jul 30, 2017 at 03:15 PM
    O yes favor