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Mitch Thrower of Shares Mega Earning Potential Formula

After fracturing both knees and needing multiple leg surgeries, 22x Ironman triathlete and businessman, Mitch Thrower, used his passion for athletics to propel his entrepreneurial journey. He created and sold Triathlete Magazine before launching, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform with intuitive tools to take the stress out of event planning and boost profit margins. In between happy chomps of Grub Burger Bar’s Jive Turkey and Guacapotle burgers, we tackle a wide range of business advice including; selecting the right partner, sourcing capital, addressing complicated communication issues, and more. Plus, Mitch says this secret formula, RRHMLMR x MDA, is what you need to create a modern company with mega earning potential. Watch to learn more.

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