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Dodge Demon Growls its Way into History

The growl stirred something deep within our soul, the squeal captivated us, and the enigma kept us wanting. We waited patiently for twelve weeks as Dodge revealed tantalizing previews of the long-rumored Demon, building our anticipation to nearly deranged levels.

They said a street/strip car couldn’t been done, but Dodge built it anyway. With unstoppable courage, FCA Head of Passenger Cars, Timothy Kuniskis, made the decision to build the Demon in secret until top brass could no longer ignore the monster banging in its cage. Dodge aggressively blazed a trail forward, aiming to make the Demon “the most technologically advanced, street legal production drag car ever.” Not just a drag car, Dodge hopes to transcend the muscle car segment and bring the Demon to the forefront of the general car market. 

This car is making history – Whether you’re a fan or not, there is no denying the courage that it took Dodge to make this magnificent beast. On April 11, 2017, the eve of the New York International Auto Show, the restraints would no longer hold.

Behold, the Dodge Demon!

Boasting 840-horsepower, the Demon is the fastest production car in history! 

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaThe Demon’s heart beats with a supercharged 2.7L V8 engine that snarls at you from under the hood. Make no mistake, the engine is not a tuned up Hellcat, it’s an all new creation. 

Photo Credit: FCA North America

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaLeaving the start line at 1.8 Gs, this beast throws 770 pound-feet of torque, transferring over a ton of mass into the rear of the car causing the front to lift into a wheelie! The Demon even gained the Guinness World Record for longest wheelie from a standing start in a production car reaching 2.92 feet. 

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaOne second after you’ve hit the gas your already hurling down the track at 30-MPH, then 60-MPH in 2.3 seconds. There you are, about to complete the fastest quarter mile a production car has ever seen, hitting the finish line in 9.65 seconds. To some this is too fast, specifically the NHRA – they’ve banned the Demon from the track. While skeptics may view this as a bad thing, Dodge sees it as an achievement and the street credit is off the charts.

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaDodge also made the decision to be the first to put drag radials on a production car, these tires have been around for years and no one has done it.  The rubber grips and pulls at the track, giving it ultimate restraint for its breakneck launch.

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaIf that isn’t cool enough, the sticky Nitto tires partnered with Brembo Brakes can slow the car from 60-MPH to zero in less then 100 feet, pretty impressive if you account for the Demon’s weight. 

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaThe vision for this car was to make a drag car that could also be modified for the comfort of an everyday driver. Equipped with a four-point harness and only a driver seat, Dodge chose to keep the seats out to give the drag lovers less weight, however, you can purchase the passenger and back seat for only a dollar each. 

Photo Credit: FCA North America

Photo Credit: FCA North America

Photo Credit: FCA North AmericaDodge has many loyal fans. So many in fact, that the new brand ambassador for Dodge is none other than The Fast and the Furious series star, Vin Diesel. The Demon even makes a debut in the newest film, The Fate of the Furious. As Vin says, “Welcome to the Brotherhood of Muscle”.

In a USA TODAY Money and Tech interview at NYIAS, Tim Kuniskis revealed that Dodge will only be releasing 3,300 vehicle globally (3,000 in America). With no set MSRP at of yet, Tim Kuniskis assured consumers that it would be under $100,000, so start saving your pennies.

Dodge has done it! They’ve beaten the odds, pushed the limits, uncaged their courage, and released the first-ever street legal drag car. The unveiling was like a theme park ride, the crowd shivered and screamed with anticipation and the best part is, Dodge did not let us down. Check out the live unveiling taken by Alan Taylor at the event on April 11th, 2017, the eve of the New York International Auto Show!

Can’t get enough? Here are a few more photos to get your engine revving…

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  • David Willhite
    May 04, 2017 at 10:31 PM
    Great article! I can really feel the excitement over this "magnificent beast"!